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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 10, 2018

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We’re not the only ones with good ideas

Mix Beauty and Durability with Armstrong Waterproof Flooring

December 4, 2017 |

No matter the temperature, waterproof flooring is hot right now! So why is waterproof all the rage? Is it just a passing fad? What does it actually mean if a floor is waterproof? From a design perspective, across the industry … Read More

How to Make the Blender Girl’s Orange & Poppy Seed Muffin Smoothie

January 3, 2017 |


Hi, I’m Tess Masters,

I’m an actor, presenter, cook, and author of The Blender Girl, The Blender Girl Smoothies app and book, and The Perfect Blend. I share my passion for healthy living at

We’re all busy. Time … Read More

One Thing You Should Never Do to Lose Weight

October 3, 2016 |

Like many of us, you’re probably interested in shedding some pounds – maybe 20, 50, 100 or more, or maybe just those final 5. You can do it, definitely. You’ve done some research, read some testimonies, bought supplements, planned meals, … Read More

A Crock Pot Snack Mix Recipe Just in Time for Fall

September 17, 2016 |

Did you know you can make sweet treats in your slow cooker? It’s true!

I’ve recently fallen back in love with my slow-cooker. It’s such an easy way to prepare a meal that always pleases the family. My go-tos … Read More

Baked Double Chocolate Donuts Recipe from Whatcha Makin’ Now?

July 21, 2016 |

We all have a go-­to donut, don’t we? I always pick the cake donut with frosting. Probably because it’s like having a slice of cake for breakfast.

A donut pan should be a staple in all kitchens. Baked donuts are super … Read More

A Delicious Lemon Pudding Bars Recipe from Whatcha Makin’ Now

June 19, 2016 | | One Comment

I’m Chelsea Fanders ­ the voice behind Whatcha Makin’ Now?. I’m excited to share super simple and delicious recipes with you. The recipe for these Lemon Pudding Bars comes from my grandma’s recipe box. There is just something about a recipe written … Read More

How to Repurpose Old Furniture for Your New Place

November 6, 2015 |

So you’ve just gotten to your new place, and you’re dreading moving your sofa up all those flights of stairs. But you love that old thing, and besides, you know you can’t afford to buy another one. If your old … Read More

Easy Slow Cooker Lasagna

October 26, 2015 |

Slow Cooker Lasagna is one of my favorite one-pot recipes — just add the ingredients and let it simmer, and you’ve got a yummy meal ready in just a few hours!

A few weeks, ago, I was invited to learn more … Read More

Almond Cupcake with Hibiscus and Rose Hip Buttercream

October 21, 2015 |

The beauty with the cupcake recipe is that it is a classic. All I did was swap out the vanilla extract for almond extract. And then there is the buttercream; Again, sorry vanilla, but I replaced the vanilla with my … Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

October 18, 2015 |

I pretty much won Mom of the Year yesterday.  When my kids arrived home from school, I had freshly baked cupcakes waiting.  And not just any cupcakes: chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  That’s not the after school norm … Read More

Samsung’s Dual-Door Range Adds Flexibility to Your Kitchen

October 17, 2015 |

The Samsung Electric Flex Duo Range splits in to two ovens (2.7 cu. ft. Upper/3.0 cu. ft. Lower), so you can easily cook two dishes simultaneously at two different temperatures. With the Dual Door, you can open just the top … Read More

Tips on Choosing the Right Dishwasher for You

October 14, 2015 |

I learned so much on my recent dishwasher excursion at Nebraska Furniture Mart. First, I didn’t know a dishwasher could be so dang fancy.  Beyond that, here are some key points to keep in mind about dishwashers:

Tip #1: You actually … Read More

Kitchen Cleanup Made Easy

October 13, 2015 |

You know what makes me happy? Baking cupcakes and then cleaning up with this new Kitchen Aid stainless steel dishwasher that I got at Nebraska Furniture Mart! It makes clean up a snap! This Kitchen Aid dishwasher model has a Proscrub/Prowash cycle. That means there is no pre-washing needed! … Read More

Easy Slow Cooker Pumpkin Recipe

October 10, 2015 |

I love Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! In fact, each year I have a Pumpkin Party and invite all of my friends over to join the fun! Everyone brings something Pumpkin flavored, some savory and some sweet! We eat until we can’t … Read More

How The KitchenAid Multi-Cooker Works for Multi-Tasking Moms

October 7, 2015 |

How many appliances do you own?

I mean, really? How many pots, pans and plugin pots does a gal gotta have to make a meal? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one appliance that steams, sautés, slow cook and even … Read More

Ways Home Decor Affects Mood – A Guide to Feng Shui

July 25, 2015 |

Do you smile when you walk into your home? If not, you may want to consider how simple elements of your home like light, sound, color, and even room layout may be affecting your mood. For over 4,000 years the … Read More

Klipsch Outdoor Speakers, Your Backyard’s Best Friend

June 7, 2015 |

Don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’ backyard party!  You’re already a grill master with a superb beer and liquor selection, but it might be time to raise the bar on your outdoor speaker situation.

No matter what size … Read More

Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with NFM’s Fitness Equipment

May 29, 2015 |

Summer is coming quickly in North Texas. Soon, hopefully, the rain will stop and we can play outside. Until then, we can be preparing for swimsuit season indoors. Having a few crucial pieces of workout equipment in your home can … Read More

6 Appliances Worth Getting Excited About

May 22, 2015 | | One Comment

We’ve had our fridge for almost six years now and while it’s served us faithfully, it’s about time to replace it. Luckily for us, Nebraska Furniture Mart just officially opened their doors in Dallas this week! Not only do they … Read More