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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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7 Dessert Recipes You’re Going to Want to Try this Holiday Season

November 29, 2017 |

The holidays are upon us and with that, comes all the holiday parties and get-togethers you’re going to need to bring snacks to. We tried out these 7 dessert recipes personally, and they are some of the best desserts we’ve … Read More

Why a Safe Is One of the Smartest Investments for Your Home

October 25, 2017 |

In the market for a safe? If so, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options available to you. From different locking mechanisms, sizes to fire ratings and everything in between, it’s sometimes difficult to know … Read More

What Will You Find at NFM’s Fall Pop-Up Vintage Market?

October 4, 2017 |

The crisp autumn air has finally arrived and while the farmers’ markets around town may be getting ready to close up shop,we thought it would be fun to try something new this season. We’re introducing a special one day event … Read More

A Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide: Tips on Finding the Best

September 28, 2017 |

New kitchen appliances are one of the biggest purchases that you’ll make for your home. They’re also one of the purchases that you’ll research and analyze as well. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most value for … Read More

Waterproof Wood Flooring Is Now a Reality – Introducing AquaWood

August 31, 2017 |

Wood floors are great. They add value to your home and with proper care they can last for generations, but there has always been one flaw: they don’t mix well with water. If you’ve ever had a spill or a … Read More

How to Hang a Hammock: Tips for Hanging Inside & Outside

August 25, 2017 |

When it comes to relaxing outdoors, my top two picks would be either lounging on a beach under the sun or rocking under the shade in a big hammock. One of those things is a few thousand miles away from … Read More

Introducing Frigidaire Gallery Black Stainless Steel Appliances

August 1, 2017 |

We know how it is….every morning as you walk into your kitchen for some much needed coffee, you look around at your appliances and think, yet again, “it’s time for an update.”  But update how?  Maybe it’s been years since … Read More

How Aireloom Mattresses Set the Standard for Handmade Luxury

June 21, 2017 |

There cannot be a discussion of luxury bedding without the name Aireloom coming up.  For over 75 years, Aireloom has been producing the world’s finest beds, now you can see the new Aireloom Midnight Preferred collection at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Read More

Crosley Turntables – The Perfect Way to Play Your Favorite Records

April 21, 2017 |

The evolution of turntables has changed a great deal in the past ten years as more and more people have come to love and appreciate the analog music it produces.

In years past, the primary vinyl enthusiast was one who … Read More

How to Decorate with Animal Prints and Keep It Classy

April 19, 2017 |

Let’s talk decorating with animal prints… Now before you say, “Oh god no!” keep reading. I’m not talking about decorating your whole home so it looks like you’ve walked into an episode of the Jersey Shore. It is possible to … Read More

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Pricing Available at New NFM Locations

April 5, 2017 |

We have some great news for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders!

For the first time ever, we’re offering the exclusive shareholder pricing level at our NFM stores in Des Moines, Kansas City, and The Colony during Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Week from Tuesday, May 2nd … Read More

Get Your #SuperGoals Lined Up for the Big Game

January 28, 2017 |

When it’s time to throw a party for the big game, how do you roll?

This year, we’re giving some help to crush your #SuperGoals for the big game with these recommendations.

Our Top 5 TV picks for the big … Read More

Why Induction Cooktops Are a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

December 21, 2016 |

There’s no doubt, fall and winter are definitely cooking season.  We spend more time in our homes cooking for our family, and November and December are filled with opportunities to entertain.  If you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading your range, … Read More

3 Fun Gifts On Our Wish List This Christmas

December 9, 2016 |

Season’s greetings! With everyone in full-on gift-giving mode, we asked some of our favorite blog writers what they’d like to find underneath the Christmas tree this year.

Rachael Akins

I think every kitchen should have a food processor! It’s  a … Read More

A Closer Look at the Samsung Flex Duo Slide-In Range

October 15, 2016 |

The Samsung Flex Duo™ Range with Dual Door gives you the ultimate cooking flexibility, with two independent temperature controls and convection systems, and a removable Smart Divider, so you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously with little to no mixing of … Read More

Why It’s Important to Have a Pro Clean Your Carpet

August 9, 2016 |

Congratulations!  You purchased the car of your dreams!

Now let’s fast forward 3 years and all of a sudden your engine is acting funny.  It’s misfiring, running rough, making a ticking noise. So you take it to the service station … Read More

Get Connected with the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

June 14, 2016 |

The new Samsung Family Hub™ is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before.


Know What You Have

The Family Hub™ has three … Read More

How Does AddWash Help You Do More Laundry in Less Time?

May 19, 2016 |

Have you ever loaded up your washer at the end of a busy day only to find a sock or two on the hallway floor?  Have you tossed your child’s baseball uniform into the washer only to notice 10 minutes … Read More

Meet the Noke Lock – 3 Accessories Your Bike Needs this Summer

May 8, 2016 |

Lock It Up with Noke

 The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, it’s that time of year again when you can shed your coat and get outside! Whether it’s for your daily commute or a nice weekend ride, … Read More

Looking Back on NFM of Texas’ First Year

May 6, 2016 |

Just one year ago, we celebrated the Grand Opening of NFM Texas! It was the culmination of years of planning, design, hard work, and everything in-between. What started as a patch of land off of the Sam Rayburn tollway is … Read More