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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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Posts ByJonathan Weis, Author at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Introducing Lawn Equipment at NFM

April 15, 2017 |

This time of year has always been my favorite. Winter is slowly releasing its frigid grip and the time has once again come to venture outside. Nature will soon be in full bloom bringing new life to a cold and … Read More

A Guide to the Nintendo Switch: What You Need to Know About the Newest System

February 13, 2017 |

2017 is proving to be a year of change and unconventionality when it comes to home entertainment.  So far we’ve witnessed huge advances in home automation with devices featuring artificial intelligence like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We’ve also seen big … Read More

Why Shooting 360° Video is Pretty Much the Coolest Thing Right Now

December 16, 2016 |

You may have noticed recently on Facebook and YouTube certain videos that allow you to move your smartphone around and be immersed in a photo of some of your favorite destinations. Did you ask yourself, ‘How did they do that’? … Read More

3 Things Every Gadget Addict Should Own

March 27, 2016 |

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem; my problem is that I am a ‘Gadget-Holic’. There seem to be an infinite amount of products that keep you up to date with what is … Read More

A Guide to 3D Printers: The DIYer’s Dream

February 21, 2016 |

You may have been hearing a lot about 3D printing and the way it could potentially change the way we live in a modern society. A household where everything from printing a meal, printing a car, or even printing the … Read More