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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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5 Futuristic Gifts for Techies

5 Futuristic Gifts for Techies
Andrew Eledge

 We all know that one person. Constantly obsessing over the latest technology, seems to have at least two of every gadget under the sun, impossible to shop for.

That person is me, but I’ve made it easy for you! Here are 5 things every tech lover wants (even if they don’t know it yet.)

Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm 

Nanoleaf is truly an innovator when it comes to thinking outside the box as it pertains to Smart Home Lighting. These modular pieces of abstract art come together to form any shape or pattern you can think of on almost any surface imaginable, and it is a truly glorious sight.

The free mobile app makes changing the colors and brightness a piece of cake in a fun and dynamic way. In addition to the downloadable app these panels are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for touch free control.

If your awesome meter isn’t maxed out yet, the light panels can bring your favorite music to life with the included Rhythm Module. This allows the light panels to react to music of all genres in real time for what they call a ‘Sensory Adventure’. If that doesn’t sound exciting I don’t know what does.

JBL Horizon 

It took me a minute to wrap my head around this next piece of technology, is it an Alarm Clock that wakes you up in the morning? A Bluetooth Speaker that can charge two devices at the same time? The answer to both is an overwhelming yes.

It combines the distinct elements of an Alarm Clock from yonder with the new and innovative functionality of the present that we have come to expect. These being an alarm clock with both Bluetooth as well as dual charging ports for your smart devices.

The Horizon features dual independent alarms for both you and your significant other, an LED ambient light to help you wake up gently, and a display that automatically dims when your lights are off.

Audio wasn’t an afterthought. With its built in Bluetooth you are allowed the pleasure to ‘Rise and Shine’ to the song, motivational affirmation, or morning radio broadcast via FM Radio.

DJI Spark 

The DJI Spark is an extremely intelligent mini drone with amazing image quality and built in video stabilization. Advanced flight modes like Intelligent Battery and Flight Autonomy make taking Spark with you for adventures a worry-free experience.

The awesome tech doesn’t stop there either; Spark has built in facial recognition, can take off from the palm of your hand, and accepts simple hand gesture commands for epic aerial selfies.

Google Chromecast Ultra 

4K Content is more available than ever these days, and the Chromecast Ultra makes it easy for everyone to watch and play without having to keep track of a remote. Both Android and Apple devices can cast YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and more by simply connecting to the same wifi network and using the respective app.

You can easily mirror your computer screen to your TV too! You’ll need to be using Google Chrome as your web browser, but online shopping on the big screen from the comfort of your sofa is about as good as it gets in my book.

Xbox One X 

The Xbox One X is a major leap forward for console gaming. Microsoft is calling it The world’s most powerful console, and as of now nobody can argue with that. Not only is it one of the least expensive 4K capable Blu-ray players, you can also stream or record your gameplay at full 4K 60 FPS resolution.

Though not all games are going to be Xbox One X Enhanced, some of the most popular AAA tiles of the year such as Call of Duty: WWII and Assassins Creed Origins are ready for 4K HDR gameplay.

It’s backwards compatible too, so any Xbox One games you might have lying around don’t have to collect dust. Microsoft is also making some original classic Xbox games available for that sweet, sweet nostalgia.


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