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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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Mix Beauty and Durability with Armstrong Waterproof Flooring

Mix Beauty and Durability with Armstrong Waterproof Flooring
Armstrong Flooring

No matter the temperature, waterproof flooring is hot right now! So why is waterproof all the rage? Is it just a passing fad? What does it actually mean if a floor is waterproof? From a design perspective, across the industry there’s been a rise in demand for “livable design” – people love the warmth and look of materials like hardwood and marble, but life is busy and we want durable, low-maintenance materials that make everyday life easier while still capturing design aesthetic.

It’s safe to say that waterproof is here for the long haul. We simply want more value for our dollar and that value is delivered through performance benefits. Manufacturers that span industries ranging from A to Z recognize this and are delivering in spades.

So what does it mean to have a waterproof floor? For the Armstrong Flooring suite of products that are designated as 100% waterproof it means that the planks or tiles will not swell, buckle or lose integrity when exposed to water – an informed consumer should always see the warranty for complete details!  It also could be defined as peace-of-mind, versatility or simply good value. Kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and basements are all areas that can be exposed to water; all can be outfitted with beautiful, durable flooring that’s designed to look newer longer!

Waterproof however is just one attribute of many advances in flooring options offered today. For example PRYZM™ Rigid Core flooring is a new hybrid structure that marries the best flooring attributes into a premium one-of-a-kind product. There’s no comparison to PRYZM in the market. If you’d like the look of hardwood floors in your kitchen but don’t quite have the budget, PRYZM offers authentic hardwood visuals protected by a VisionGuard wear layer – far superior to vinyl for deep scratch resistance and clarity of the wood design. Its ultra-dense core resists dents and of course, you guessed it, it’s 100% waterproof! This high performance combination is the winning choice.

A tried-and-true option is Luxe Plank®® with Rigid Core Technology. This line up of thick, sturdy planks provides naturally inspired wood visuals and stone designs on planks that can easily span minor subfloor irregularities or be placed over existing hard surface flooring. And its urethane wear layer protects its beauty for years to come.  This floating floor with locking planks is perfect for a DIY weekend project!

Perhaps even easier – especially if you’ve found a Luxe Plank® design you like, is Luxe Plank® with FasTak™ Installation. FasTak is a repositionable self-adhesive that holds fast and bonds tight. The 100% waterproof planks can be repositioned and easily repaired in the future if needed. Designing patterns like herringbone is easy with FasTak as there’s no lock to consider – just position, press and enjoy!

Though positioned as a basic waterproof option in the Rigid Core category, Rigid Core Elements™ is anything but! With a color palette of 15 classic and on-trend designs in hardwood visuals, this is a perfect choice to get a beautiful floor that can withstand all the elements: drops, spills, tiny feet and toys.

So if waterproof is a starting point for your floor shopping experience, know that there are many solutions and options available to create your perfect floor!

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