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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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The Joy of Dogs in Movies

The Joy of Dogs in Movies
Julio Aguirre

Dogs were an essential part of my life as a kid. I still remember the day my parents brought home a German Shepherd that had a rough life before us. We named her “Lady,” and she was the best. Lady was the greatest guard dog, companion, and Frisbee teammate I ever had. When we moved to the Midwest almost 12 years ago, she came with us. A few months after the big move she got sick. Unfortunately, we had to put her down. Her dog leash and picture still sit prominently in my mother’s kitchen. That’s where she liked to spend most of the time. Lady was smart and knew my mom dropped food all over the floor while cooking. That was Lady’s appetizer.

Recently my 2-year-old daughter has been saying that she wants a dog. “Dada, I want doggy,” I tell her “soon.” But I don’t think she knows what time really is. Having her grow up with a companion fills my heart up with joy. Seeing dogs on my Instagram feed makes me miss Lady. Seeing the magic that dogs have with a simple tail wag makes me tear up. This made me think, dogs are great and movies are great too! Why not see if I can write a blog about two of my favorite things.  We’ll talk about movies with good dogs, bad dogs, and cartoon dogs. I will also give the dogs a rating like how @dog_rates does it on Twitter. Shout out to @itsdavegrowl and @murphyleedog on Instagram!

Good Dogs

Homeward Bound 

Homeward Bound movie

So here comes a hot take… Ready? I hope you’re sitting down for this. Homeward Bound is a movie that glorifies domesticated animals escaping from their home. It’s literally about three badly behaved animals that should have gotten in trouble. If I can be frank, it also shows that kids can be disobedient and have adventures without any consequences.  11/10 I’m not a fan of cats.

HachiHachi Movie

Hachi contains two of my favorite things in life, Richard Gere and Dogs. If a movie stars Richard Gere, I’m definitely watching it. Ever seen a man wear a scarf like he does? No! With that being said, no one wears a scarf better than Lenny Kravitz.  Ever seen a 30-year-old have salt and pepper hair like Richard Gere and own it the way that he does?! No! Richard Gere is the best worst actor in Hollywood we don’t deserve.

Hachi is a good doggo. He is a man’s best friend. I cried. 15/10 Hachi forever.

Air Bud

Air Bud Movie

Michael Jordan meet Air Bud! The Greatest of All Time. Better than Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf. He can ball harder than Lonzo Ball. He shot a better field throw percentage than Shaquille O’Neal. He was a magician with the ball. Ever heard of The Globetrotters?  He had the handles of Allen Iverson and the 3 point capabilities of Steph Curry. 15/10 Air Bud is my all-time offense.

Bad Dogs (Dogs are Never Bad)

Marley and Me

Marley and Me movie

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, what a combination. Their chemistry is unmatched. A story about a newlywed couple trying to start their life together. With the idea of motherhood coming into light, they decide to adopt a dog to see if they’re ready to be parents. Marley comes in and immediately starts to wreak havoc in their life.

After having two kids and moving from their home in south Florida, Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) decides that Marley is too much to handle and decides to give him up to a friend. Little did she know, Marley was an indispensable part of the family and decides to keep him.

I won’t tell you how this movie ends. Just know that I ugly cry every time I watch this movie. No joke. Who would have thought that an Owen Wilson movie would make anyone cry?  11/10 Marley is no bad dog.


k 9 movie

When it comes to animals in the police force, dogs take the donut! Seeing a dog fight crime holds a special place in my heart. James Belushi and his wonderful German Shepherd crime fighting dog named “Jerry Lee” turn the San Diego Police Department upside down. Jerry Lee is a bad dog that fights crime and still has time to be adorable.  12/10 Don’t commit crimes and pet more dogs.

Eight Below

eight below movie

Just when you thought that Paul Walker was all about fighting crime by burning rubber and shooting NOS in his Mitsubishi, he surprises you with a movie about saving dogs.  Paul’s character is stationed at an Antarctica research base under contract with the National Science Foundation. A professor from UCLA arrives and demands Paul to navigate him to get a rare meteorite from Mercury. With a devastating blizzard looming, the only way to retrieve the meteorite was by taking the sled dogs up the mountains. Eight dogs running through the blistering cold and snow storms.

After a devastating leg injury to the UCLA professor, the trip is cut short. But because of the upcoming blizzard, everyone in the research center needed to leave. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough space for the dogs and they have to get left behind. This movie shows the determination that dogs have through adversity and shows feelings that are usually not thought about with pets. Their ability to overcome obstacles is fascinating. 13/10 I would definitely let these dogs take me on a sled ride in Antarctica.

Cartoon Dogs


Balto movie

Kevin Bacon. Do I need to say anything else? “Balto” is a film that’s loosely based on a true story. A wolf dog hybrid named Balto is an outsider surrounded by elite snow dogs. Somehow Balto’s best friend is a snow goose that talks? I don’t know how that works. It’s kind of like all the questions that the movie “Cars” left me with, but that’s a story for a different day.

The small town of Nome, Alaska is hit with a Diphtheria illness and the town doctor is out of medicine. Because of the winter conditions that are ravaging Nome, they can’t get the medicine by air or boat. The last resort is a bobsled race to the next closest town.  After Balto hears that a sled team is missing, he jumps into action and takes his team to get the medicine.

With this being a Disney movie, you may already know the ending. 13/10 Balto is the hero we need, but don’t deserve.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

all dogs go to heaven

The man with the best mustache in the movie industry, Burt Reynolds, voices a dog named Charlie. Charlie is an ex-dog mobster (I just made that up) that met an angel in heaven after a casino con job gone wrong. He came back to earth with the same heart and didn’t learn his lesson. He met an orphan girl Annie and befriended her to get an advantage on race results. Charlie’s heart was never in the right place until Annie was in danger. 10/10 Charlie is a good dog.

Fox and The Hound

fox and hound movie

Two young bloods growing up together and destined to grow apart all at the same time. They were the best of friends when they were young pups, but everyone around them knew that Copper the hound dog was going to become a hunting dog and Tod the fox was going to become prey. They both experience hardships through this endeavor. At the end, they both help each other overcome the constant struggles of being a hound and a fox. 14/10 Absolutely breathtaking.

Movies with animals as a main character will always have me screaming, “Take my money!!!” Just like how Disney knows releasing a Star Wars movie every December for the next 100 years is going to bring them money to the bank. All pets are special. It’s kind of like when you ask your mom who’s her favorite kid. She says there’s no favorite, but we know who it is. Good Doggos will forever be my favorite.


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