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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Find the Perfect Dining Table for your Holiday Get-Togethers

Find the Perfect Dining Table for your Holiday Get-Togethers
Kayla Morland

The gang’s all here and ready to chow down after a long, treacherous trek through the blistering cold…but is your dining room ready? Has your dining room turned into a makeshift office or homework station of sorts, if it even exists in a sense at all?  With a little planning, you can reclaim that space and create a cozy and inviting dining room just in time for the holidays.

There are many considerations at play when planning out your dining room, the most important being how much space do you have to work with?  Start by writing down all of the wall to wall measurements, including any weird nooks, and be sure to get a floor to ceiling measurement as well.  While you’ve got your measuring tape out, go ahead and take a quick measurement of any doorways and stairwells that stand between the store and the dining room.   It’s never a good time to have that perfect dining set picked out only to find that it can’t even fit inside the house.  Need help?  Check out our measuring guide.

Armed with this basic information, it’s time for the fun part of choosing that dream table that will set the stage for Instagram worthy holiday photos all season long.

Shape may be one of the most important design features to consider when it comes to dining tables.  Smaller, round tables are best to accommodate close conversation.  Keep in mind as you get into larger sizes, conversation can become more difficult with people across the table and passing food may be more of a hassle.  If you need the extra space, an easy solution is to buy either a round table that expands to an oval shape when you insert the leaf or a table that is an oval in the first place.

Rectangular tables are the traditional choice and definitely makes it easier to create that movie moment of ceremoniously carving the turkey at the head of the table.  Food is easily accessible and you can effortlessly converse with people both beside and across from you.  However, if you’ve got a lot of stir crazy kids running around the table while it’s too cold to go outside, the potential is there for accidentally bumping heads on the right angles of the table or maybe an adult overstuffed belly catching on the corner while squeezing around the table.  Solve this issue by simply choosing a table with rounded corners.

Square tables are a more modern and casual choice, but they come with the same right angle draw back as rectangular tables and same food passing and conversation difficulties of a larger round table.  That makes this shape an ideal option for either smaller families or those avoiding that painfully awkward discussion with that one guy.  Every family has one.

Finally, how many people do you expect to have around the table on a regular, everyday basis?  And when you host those special occasions, like that family famous Thanksgiving dinner, how many people attend?  Luckily a lot of tables include leaves for extra room when you need it. Just make sure if you need to seat more people than usual, that you have some extra chairs to go along with it.

A few other things to consider along the way…

Will you have enough room for people to walk while people are seated at the table?

  • Do you prefer a base with legs, pedestals, or a trestle?  Legs and pedestals generally give the best leg room, trestle bases may prevent people from sitting on the ends of a rectangular table.
  • Do you like extravagant table settings?  If so, make sure there’s plenty of surface area available for the any decor, table settings, and food.

Use these tips and I’m sure you can have a (nearly) stress free experience.  Just don’t forget to set the timer for the turkey!

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