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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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How to Host an Epic Tailgate in Your Garage - NFM Blog

How to Host An Epic Tailgate in Your Garage

“So much room for activities!” said the two step brothers who built their own bunk beds in their rooms. Its from the movie Step Brothers. That was what I told myself during the time my better half and I were looking for a house. I had three requirements; a basement, a gas stove, and a second bathroom. But then we fell in love with a house that had no basement, no second bathroom, and a gas stove that was older than me. But, it had new internals and more character than my 2-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

I looked at the one car garage and said to myself, “Fam, this area is mine.” Once I saw that tiny detached garage the little light bulb in my head turned on and would not turn off until I had the perfect garage for entertaining. I figured it would be an easy transformation, go through totes of “necessary stuff” throw away the homework from 8th grade, donate the colorful yoga pants, sell the extra furniture that was collecting dust, and add the futon that has a place in my heart. In order for me to feel comfortable with the garage I installed plywood on the walls too.

I am one step closer to making this garage a paradise. I only need a few more things to be able to host a summer party, a tailgate this fall, or even a nice night over the fire pit eating s’mores. Who doesn’t love being outside on a brisk fall night, under the stars, covered with a blanket, enjoying some silky-smooth tunes by Romeo Santos? Name a better duo than s’more and Romeo Santos, I’ll wait. Here are a few things that will make your average garage the space for activity no matter the season!


Bags Tournament

Its not a garage party without a cornhole tournament. Not a football fan? No problem, these boards are made out with high grade Pine Plywood tops and can support any sport or show you want. Branch or Poppy from “Trolls” are an option for the kids. Or a portrait of Lavar Ball and his big baller kids for those basketball lovers. No matter how you design these boards, you better make sure you bring your “A” game because I’m pretty much the best at playing cornhole. I cannot miss. My aim is impeccable. Bank on it.


outdoor tailgate games bag toss


Comfortable Tailgate Seats

Seating is important. You can’t argue that. It is imperative for you to have a chair and table that are durable and can survive the seasons. Tailgate chairs with a powder coat can sustain the elements. There is no telling how quickly the weather will change, one minute we could have sunny skies and the next you could be getting hailed on.



Every party winds down. Every game ends. When that time comes around everyone should have a fire pit. It takes the festivities to another level, sit around the fire talk about work, laugh at the jokes, and sing that John Mayer track you love so much. I may have done all three of those things a couple weeks ago, the ambiance is perfect for any type of activity. To top it off, nothing can beat that warm, charred, delicious marshmallow in your s’more!


fire pit at a tailgate


Kiss the Chef

You don’t have a tailgate without the jalapeno and cheddar filled Bratwurst and those King’s Hawaiian rolls. I don’t know what are in those rolls, but their greatness is unrivaled. In order for you to cook those Brats you’ll need a grill that can take the heat. The debate between charcoal and gas can go on for years, but for convenience lets go with a gas grill. Find a big one with six burners and a side burner so you have the room to grill anything. If you have friends that are vegetarians, you are covered. You have a pot of baked beans going on the side burner and at the same time you’re grilling up some wonderful vegetable kebabs and burgers all in the same space. Best of both worlds! You’re the host of the year.


The Juke Jams

A tailgate party is nothing without the newest tunes coming out of a booming speaker. This JBL is a must-have for any occasion. A wireless Bluetooth speaker is a necessity. It comes through in the clutch, easy to connect to, a 20-hour battery life, and comes in five wonderful colors to match the aesthetic of your garage. The best thing of all, it’s waterproof for those times that that clumsy person knocks over a cold beverage.


bluetooth speaker at a tailgate


Level Up with a TV Wall Mount

As a finishing touch add a TV in the garage with an articulating wall mount. The articulating wall mount would allow the TV to be viewed at any angle, with an ability to extend, tilt, and swivel 180 degrees left and right, there is no place where you won’t have the best seat in the garage. With a big 4K TV there is no other way you would want to watch the big game. With deeper colors, better sound, built in Wi-Fi, and a fast refresh rate it will make it extremely difficult for you to ever turn the TV off. This one-two finishing combination is the cherry on the cake. Go big or go home!

With all this new information, I am sure you’re ready to host that tailgate with all your friends. Grab the chairs, your favorite chicken recipe, some fire wood, and put the game on because I’m coming over. I’ll bring the s’mores.


articulating tv wall mount

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