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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Get Your Home Ready for Game Day This Football Season

Get Your Home Ready for Game Day This Football Season

So, you’re ready for football season to get here? I know I’m ready for those Saturday & Sunday afternoons to go from yard work and pulling weeds to touchdowns and tailgates. After running around all summer long, it’s nice to chill out and relax a little bit more when fall comes around. With that in mind, check out our National Kickoff Day page and these ideas for a few ways you can get your home ready for football season.


Step Into the Fan Zone

When it comes to fandom and repping your team, it’s fun to show it off. I’m a Colts fan (Huskers are my college team) and over the years, I’ve found all sorts of cool football memoribillia and vintage football decor for my game room at garage sales and sports stores. If you want to find all of that cool stuff in one spot, check out the Fan Zone at NFM. You’ll find gear like team signs, wall art, tailgate chairs and tents, along with furniture and other cool stuff.


get football decor at NFM's Fan Zone

Make Sure Your Game Room is Up to Snuff

Whether you’re watching the games in your living room, tailgating in your garage, or hunkered down in the man cave, it’s crucial to have a good setup for the games. Here are the absolute essentials to take your game room from good to great.

  • A 4K TV big enough for everyone in the room to have the perfect viewing angle
  • A nice surround sound system to deliver that stadium experience
  • A beer fridge close by for drinks and snacks
  • A strong wireless router so that everybody can keep tabs on their fantasy team
  • Comfortable chairs and big seats so everybody can relax
  • Games for halftime like darts or some bag toss outside

watching football on a television


I try to keep things as simple as possible. Most of the year, my game room doubles as a toy room for the kids. So when fall rolls around, I just clean it up, reorganize and take back the space.Of course, territorial disputes do pop up and there are plenty of times that the party gets crashed by the kids. I’ll always keep some snacks and games ready for them so that everybody can have a good time. Here’s to another great football season on deck!


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