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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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A Southwestern Style Guide: How You Can Bring This Look Home

A Southwestern Style Guide: How You Can Bring This Look Home
Rayme Wells

The phrase Southwestern Style might conjure up a clear mental image for you. Maybe it makes you think of the beautiful traditional Navajo patterns which are often found on blankets and rugs. Or, maybe you picture bright turquoise jewelry, fringes with metal accents, heavy ponchos, pottery, or cactus filled landscapes in Arizona and New Mexico. Perhaps you even imagine yourself there, wearing some dusty cowboy boots, watching tumbleweeds drifting slowly past while a lizard warms itself on the red rocks.

All of this fits in the category of Southwestern Style. Personally, Navajo patterns are the first thing I always picture.

Did you know that Navajo textile weavings were initially purely utilitarian, and far less colorful than the modern versions we are accustomed to seeing today? This is because indigo was the only dye available to contrast with the natural brown and white fibers used for textiles. However, the completion of the railroads brought the transportation of many useful goods to the area, including new dyes, providing Navajo weavers with several exciting new colors for their creations.

In time, the fine quality woven items created by the Navajo people became increasingly valuable for local tourism and export to other areas. The stylish Navajo Jute Upholstered Bench and the classic 5′ x 8′ Navajo Red Area Rug are two fine examples of the appealing symmetry and colors of Navajo patterns, along with the use of typical diamond shapes, terraces and stripes.


southwestern pattern area rug on wood floor


Southwestern designs are a fun addition to the home. If you love the Navajo look, you can go farther and treat your windows with the Flying Horse Tab Drapes or look for some similarly patterned bedding to express your Southwestern mood.

Stepping away from Navajo patterns entirely, you might like to set a Southwestern scene with some fabulous new wall art. Images of the Saguaro with Fishhook Barrel Cactus or the Old Man Cactus can make you feel like you are standing in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona, without breaking a sweat or feeling the least bit thirsty.

Speaking of setting a scene, you and your guests will surely be entertained by the amusing Western Pillow, starring a cat cleverly costumed as iconic film legend Clint Eastwood’s famed character from such classic western films as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I think this squinty-eyed cat is irresistible in his Southwestern poncho and hat!

southwestern pattern throw pillows


If you want only a slight hint of the Southwest, a subtle and modern Navajo-inspired pattern can be found in the Navajo Diamond Pillows in Red and White, which will easily accent a variety of different home designs with its fresh, bright color.

If you find yourself daydreaming about the Southwest one of these days, you can skip the dust and the tumbleweeds — all you need to do is incorporate some of these stylish, inviting design elements into your home to spice up your life and create your own personal Southwestern Style!

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