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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Pet Furniture That Looks as Good as Real Furniture

Pet Furniture That Looks as Good as Real Furniture

When you go to Nebraska Furniture Mart, you’re shopping for everything from electronics to bedding, but did you know that we also cater to your furry friends with an awesome selection of pet furniture?

We want all members of your family to feel at home, no matter how hairy…I mean small!

First off, I’d like to say I miss my pets when I’m at work and wish I could send them a text saying “Hello!”. What if you told that this is possible? I don’t mean texting, but with Petzi Treat Cam you see, speak, snap and even give them a treat! It’s a fun and easy way to connect with your pet from anywhere, at any time.

Now that we have the electronics out of the way, let’s go to bedding! When I hear dog beds I think of those weird, flat pillows in your living room. What if I told you their beds could be fancy too? We have a selection of mini dog beds that look like a sofa! NFM has different colors to choose from to match your furniture.


dog furniture with adorable dog lounging


If you’re a cat owner you may notice that they like to jump up to high places, why not get them their own jungle gym? With the Timberlake Skyscraper your kitty will have a new place to climb, play, and sleep in! It comes with a few hanging toys to play with and keep them from scratching up your furniture. My cat Tigger would go at the corner of my couch, but once I got this he hasn’t touched it once!


cat tree with cat playing around

Whether you’re shopping for something new for your cat or dog, you’ll be able to find them something special at Nebraska Furniture Mart!

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