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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Here's How Your Game Room & Home Theater Just Got Better

Here’s How Your Game Room & Home Theater Just Got Better

The days of having your TV sitting on a milk crate are gone. Those days of having your friends and family watching the big game on a 32” black and white TV are in the past. Remember all those times you spilled that ice-cold Coke because you couldn’t see where it was? How many times did you have to get up from your seat to blow on that Nintendo game cartridge?

Let me tell you a secret, I still have nightmares about VHS tapes and how inconvenient they were. Renting them from Blockbuster and getting back home only to find out that it wasn’t rewound. I would close my eyes just so I wouldn’t see what happened in the movie.  I remember trying to avoid seeing what happened in The Lion King even though I had seen it countless of times. The Lion King was my Frozen. I have never had a home theater, but then again, I recently moved out of my mom’s house and bought my own home. But, if I did have the opportunity to build my own theater room, this is what I would have in it.

LIT Power Recliner

Gone are the days that you stub your foot on the corner of your couch or recliner. Gone are the days that your wife is disappointed in you because you spilled your drink again. Now you have another thing added onto your “honey do” list; deep cleaning the carpet. I took an office poll and seating is one of the most underrated factors in a home theater, it’s a fact! (facts don’t matter)

No one thinks of the unrivaled comfort that a power recliner provides! Have you ever sat on an uncomfortable chair that felt like you sat on a pallet of bricks?! Seating is the most important piece in a home theater room.  Think about the possibilities of having a recliner with mood lighting. With vibrant lights in the cup holders, your excuse of not being able to see where your cup was won’t be valid anymore.


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Quality Views and Projections

After getting the seating all squared away, you need something to watch your favorite movie on. I believe that this might be a matter of preference between a television or a projector. With high quality 4K TVs being more and more affordable, picking would be very difficult. Let me direct you to two products you can’t go wrong with.

Currently I have the LG 65” 4K Smart TV and I could not be any happier with the purchase.  The vibrant colors, the thin bezels, and the webOS Smart TV hub make this purchase well worth the money. The best way to hang this wonderful TV is with a low profile wall mount, the thin bezels make it look like a high-quality picture frame playing your favorite shows. The convenience of having a smart hub built into this TV is undisputed. You’ll have Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video all in one place. That’s one less step, one less remote that will be misplaced, one less headache.

Projectors are getting better and smaller. The Epson Home Cinema 2045 is 1080p HD, it’s also compatible with the Roku Stick, Chromecast, and more. This projector can display up to 300” on a flat surface. With its 2200 lumens, you know you will be getting the brightest and crispiest picture possible. Perfect for any movie or game console. Lumens is just a fancy way of measuring the quantity of energy of light emitted per second in all directions.  I had to look up that definition and translate it to English. This project has a built-in speaker for a quick and easy setup right out of the box.


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Premium Movie Experience

I grew up seeing the rise and fall of VHS; right now, we’re seeing the fall of the trusty old DVD. Soon, it will be overtaken by 4K Blu-ray. The quality of the picture will be as clear as ever, it would be like Brad Pitt was in the room with me. The picture is so clear that it would feel as if I was helping those aliens communicate with me in Arrival.

Because I try my best to be brand loyal, the LG 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player should be an important part of your home theater setup. If you’re like me and have hundreds of DVDs laying around, don’t worry. This Blu-ray player supports DVDs and CDs. Imagine the possibilities in being able to jam out to your favorite Bruce Springsteen album and watch your favorite John Wayne movie all with one product. Plus, you can still stream YouTube and Netflix!

Gamer Oasis

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than getting home, eating dinner, finishing your responsibilities, and playing some video games. Maybe just zone out for an hour or two, play Battlefield 1 with that kid who beats you with his eyes closed. You throw your controller on the ground out of frustration. We have all done it.

The two big players in the video game world are Sony and Microsoft, with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One respectively. Video games look so real now the competition is too close to call, it’s all preference. Both consoles are great, both consoles will play Blu-ray movies, they both have streaming capabilities, but I give the upper hand to Playstation because of their live streaming service called Playstation Vue.

Booming Sounds

The final piece of the puzzle is having that booming sound. That sound that makes your ear drums vibrate. I am not a doctor; I don’t know if that’s healthy or not. Either way, your next-door neighbor will know you’re watching something entertaining. A 6-speaker set it like this Yamaha is essential to the home theater. A surround sound setup is the cherry on top of the milkshake.

How does that saying go? “A house is not a home without family…” Well, a home theater isn’t a home theater without these essential pieces… and family. The unrivaled comfort that a power recliner brings, the vibrant colors beaming from the 4K TV, the beautiful images coming from the Blu-ray player, a game console with life like graphics and lastly the booming sounds of a surround sound speaker system that makes your whole house rattle.  A fair warning, your friends will never want to leave your house.

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