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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Add a Luxury Experience to Your Patio with These Accents

Add a Luxury Experience to Your Patio with These Accents

We’re in that perfect part of summer that makes for the best patio weather: Not too hot and not too cold, a nice breeze going. Patios are taking on a refreshing new look and role these days. People want to spend more time outside, especially on nice days, so we’re seeing more seamless transitions from indoor and outdoor spaces.

A lot of home comforts are moving outside – kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms. Patio spaces are generally considered more casual than formal, but we’re noticing touches of luxury. Now, when we talk about luxury with design, we’re talking about the experience. Think about when you buy a luxury brand item: You’re buying it because you want to experience something elevated. It’s the same concept with patios. Whether its farmhouse or contemporary design, a luxury patio is about creating an ambiance and an experience. To help you add a luxury experience to your patio, our Design Director, Patrick O’Connell, wants to share some design trends we think you’ll love.

Vintage Lighting

One of the things I’ve been seeing a ton of are vintage type lighting options: Edison bulb string lights or updated versions of tiki torches or gas lamps.


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PS: Edison bulbs are definitely not out, like some would say, but they are evolving into more modern applications. It’s that extra ambient light that adds to the ambiance.

Hunter fans like the Ocala and Key Biscayne are both great options if you’re looking to add a subtle vintage element to your outdoor space.


ceiling fan outdoors with patio furniture


Stairs built into landscaping, knee high walls, potted plants – any way you can add hardscaping without destroying the natural elements that build interest.

Natural Materials

Add natural materials; enormous amounts of it – rough stone, wood boards, brickwork. You’ll instantly get those natural textures, effortlessly unique design elements and neutral colors that go well with any decor.

…And Color

I think color in general is welcome. It’s almost a waste if where you have an opportunity to do color and you do something boring, it’s such a missed opportunity.

Oversized Furniture

We were at a hotel terrace in Los Angeles and it wasn’t just a couch, it was the equivalent of a king size bed. It felt very glamorous to lounge on with its chic throw pillows, sheer curtains effortlessly draped around it, and the cozy fireplace nearby.

Rattan Chairs

Rattan chairs are just the hottest thing right now especially in black. We’re seeing these being used not just outdoors, but indoors as well. I literally have Pinterest boards devoted to rattan chairs.


rattan patio furniture


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