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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Sideline Parenting 101: Tailgate Gear to Stay Cool In the Summer

Sideline Parenting 101: Tailgate Gear to Stay Cool In the Summer

Most of us can relate to you.  You’ve signed your daughter up for soccer.  In turn, this will enable her to hopefully open up, make new friends, and other endless positive benefits.  Then you discover there’s a lot more to it than just ushering your little one onto the field to go after the ball.  Moreover, you just received a team email from her coach and realize her first game is this upcoming weekend.  You begin to panic aside from making sure you have BOTH team color jerseys, because it wouldn’t be soccer without TWO different team jersey colors.  And to top it off, your daughter is the first teammate scheduled to bring light team snacks too.  Rather than show up unprepared, let’s help you get organized and plan accordingly so her future games go smoothly and your overall sideline experience is comfortable.

Sun Protection

With summer in full effect and outdoor games ahead, let’s focus first and foremost on sun protection as a top priority for you and your loved ones.

Cure any weather woes by taking along a canopy tent. These provides shade and shelter at your convenience with UV 50+ protection against the sun and wind.  With this simple setup and compact shape for transportation and storage, you’ll be able to enjoy cheering on your kid in comfort.


Give yourselves a bit more comfort by bringing along this super-cool travel couch.  With a 37.5” wide seat, this couch is roomy enough to seat two adults equipped with 4 backrest positions, offering a range of comfort possibilities.  And for more relaxation, you can lay it flat and stretch out for a sweet nap.  It’s great for both indoor and outdoor seating opportunities providing the ultimate chair for tailgating, spectator sports, indoor TV/moving viewing, video gaming and dorm living.

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 Nom Nom

Bring along your portable grill and get your tailgate on.  Grill out at your convenience in the parking lot after the game or set up shop nearby at a local park with this great one of kind tailgating bundle and create beautiful memories.

Then save your grilled food and snacks by using outdoor food covers.  With this nifty set of 3, you’ll be able to store food nicely and keep bugs away with different sizes provided.

Tech Savvy

Place your Popsocket on your cooler for hands free viewing  while cheering on your little one.    For your convenience, this handy cell phone accessory can mount to any vertical surface including dashboards, mirrors, bed posts, refrigerators, and walls.

Or better yet, give your cell phone a rest and capture those special moments of your little one shining on the field with a Coleman 20.0 Megapixel Duo2 Dual-Screen Waterproof Digital Camera.  Creating beautiful memories of your loved ones is a snap – just point and shoot!  For those tricky winning goals by your little one, the electronic VGA Video resolution will offset camera movement and keep those action shots crisp and clear.  Also, this cool camera is available in 5 vibrant colors, featuring waterproof to 10 ft, shock resistant and even freezeproof at -10C for those crazy weather temps.

With these sideline essentials, your little one will be zipping up and down the soccer field happily as you maintain status as their #1 fan in complete preparation and comfort.

Remember to keep your star athlete hydrated and nourished with healthy snacks before game time.  But above all, keep in mind, behind that team jersey is your beautiful child.  They look forward to seeing you and loved ones on the sidelines motivating them every second of the game, screaming their name unison in strong team spirit.  But ultimately, the most rewarding moment for every young athlete is running straight into your arms in complete exhaustion, sweaty and red-faced, hearing you tell them how proud you are of their efforts and how much you sincerely love them after a long tough game.  And that is better than ANY game win!  Continue to motivate your child in the best positive light and you’ll see them shine on and off the field naturally.

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