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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Why Garden Stools Are the Perfect Multipurpose Piece for Your Patio

Why Garden Stools Are the Perfect Multipurpose Piece for Your Patio
Rayme Wells

Designing and enjoying an outdoor space is one of the unique pleasures of owning your own home. As a new homeowner, I am searching for ways to create an inviting backyard environment that will be well suited to entertaining. I know I am far from alone in my quest for the perfect backyard.

Are you also looking for ways to brighten up your outdoor space with something fresh and new? Ceramic garden stools are a wonderful choice.

These multipurpose pieces can easily beautify a garden or patio and will be able to serve your needs in a variety of ways — as stools, as plant stands and even as side tables!

Even better, these amazing items can also be used inside the home for the same three functions!  A shorter stool like the Mei Double Coin Garden Stool in Light Blue could even make a great footstool.

Bright colors such as the orange of the Villa Garden Stool in Orange will add a cheerful focal point to any outdoor landscape or seating area, so you can have color even when your flowers are out of bloom. If bright colors and pastels are not quite your style, the creamy neutral tones of the Calla Garden Stool in Cream or the Cloud Garden Stool in White can blend into the background of more subtle surroundings.

The many choices of color, shape and texture can work with a variety of design options, from modern to retro to Asian inspired. Such versatility in furniture can be a huge benefit, especially for those with limited space. I love the idea of being able to move a piece of furniture from the yard to the house and back again, wherever it is needed most while I am entertaining.

And guess what? Cleanup will be a breeze. The glazed surface of these low maintenance pieces won’t be marked by contact with water or heat, and may be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. No coasters are needed for those steaming hot coffees and ice cold lemonades when you use a ceramic garden stool like the Daphne Garden Stool in Aqua as an end table.

I see an undeniable appeal in furniture that is so difficult to damage! Sooner or later, there will be that one careless person who doesn’t use a coaster. When I was a child, one of our guests left a wet towel on an antique, hand carved wooden chair. Fortunately, the chair was rescued, but when I think about things like that, ceramic furniture seems like such a brilliant idea!

To me, as much as I love the way they look, the best thing about ceramic garden stools is that they can be used any way I want. Imagine an ivy plant resting on one of these stools, trailing elegantly – and then easily replaced by your favorite nephew, some citronella candles or even a plate of appetizers.

I think one or two of these stools will do wonders for my yard… and if it ever stops raining, I will be out there making plans for where to put them!

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