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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Warmer weather has finally come and you can finally open the windows and let that fresh air in. With all that fresh air, you may start to notice your house is not so fresh after those long winter months cooped up with your favorite furry buddy. Maybe the house smells more like them than you realized, and they have taken over your furniture and carpet with their hair. Do not worry though, there are many tools and tricks you can use to get the house freshened up during your spring cleaning.


Vacuum The Whole House

Spring brings warmer weather as well as extra shedding from your pets.  Vacuuming up all that pet dander and hair can be a tough job, but there are vacuums out there built to do the job.  The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal & Allergy Vacuum or the Hoover WindTunnell 3 High Perfromance Pet Upright Vacuum can help get all the hair up from the carpet and they have attachments to help get hair out of the furniture.


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Clean Your Air

Having a pet doesn’t mean the house should smell like one.  You will want to keep your air clear of pet dander and allergens making an air purifier a great item to have around the house. There are certain purifiers, such as the Homedics Total Clean Air Purifier for Households with Pets, that are designed to remove those pet odors and hair that linger in the house.  Using one along with an allergen filter in the furnace can keep the air in your house fresh, and your nose happy!


Wash and Groom Your Pet

Bathing and grooming your pet will make you and your house happy.  A warm bath will loosen up the dirt your furry buddy has collected every time they go outside.  It also loosens up their hair, so brushing afterwards is very important.  A good thorough brushing will remove a lot of excess hair that your vacuum won’t have to worry about later.  Then, it’s off to your favorite groomer to get that winter coat shaved off and cleaned up for a sharp look!


Go Through Your Pets Stuff

A big part of spring cleaning is decluttering you and your pets stuff.  Go through their toys and dispose of the worn out and soiled ones.  Wash anything that needs to be washed as well.  If your pet has a bed that can’t be thrown in the washer or sleeps on the floor, a carpet cleaner paired with Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Formula can help freshen up the spot.


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Keeping Clean All Year Around

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be hard and there are many tools and tricks out there to keep it easy.  A good pet vacuum and air purifier doesn’t just freshen for spring, but keeps the house fresh all year long making the next spring cleaning easier.  Having a pet doesn’t mean the house should smell like one, and now it won’t.



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