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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Crosley Turntables - The Perfect Way to Play Your Favorite Records

Crosley Turntables – The Perfect Way to Play Your Favorite Records

The evolution of turntables has changed a great deal in the past ten years as more and more people have come to love and appreciate the analog music it produces.

In years past, the primary vinyl enthusiast was one who grew up in 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s and had a vast vinyl collection collecting dust in their basement or garage. It was super cool when the old school record players started appearing in retail stores and they were able to pull out their vinyl again, telling their kids about the good ‘ol days. What was even better about the wood style entertainment centers they were purchasing was they could actually transfer their vinyl onto a CD and listen to all these old albums on the go!

Within the past 5 years, Crosley has seen a huge resurgence in vinyl. Vinyl sales have gone from just under 5,000,000 copies sold in 2012 to over 15,000,000 in 2016!  (This number only accounts for NEW vinyl sales as well, not all the used vinyl scored at record shops, flea markets, or yard sales.)

In digital world where everything is cloud based, people crave the tangibility of a vinyl record.  Grab an album and enjoy the artwork or read through the words of your favorite songs.  Because of the demand from younger demographic, turntables became more portable and trendy.  Now you will see all kinds of styles and colors in the market.  The most popular turntable currently in the market is the suitcase style turntable, like the Crosley Cruiser.



Crosley has designed two new series of turntables to keep up with the evolution of all listeners from beginners to audiophiles.  Our T-Series component style turntables provide a great set-up, including Bluetooth speakers, at a reasonable cost, while still offering a sleek look in trendy colors.  For a step beyond, the C-Series provides a premier listening experience for audiophiles that want upgraded turntable features.

A Turntable and vinyl is more than just music; it is an emotion, a memory, a way to connect with those around us!  Indulge in the experience!

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