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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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5 Fantastic Ideas for a Spring Break Staycation

5 Fantastic Ideas for a Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break is just around the corner and for most of us – this usually means daydreaming of tropical escapades from your office desk while everyone else is Snapchatting their story of Margarita Nights from sunny Puerto Vallarta.

I can certainly relate because this year, I too must join the band of daydreamers and make the best of my anticipated ‘Staycation’.  And instead of settling for a less-than-blah use of personal time off, I made a list of 5 things to do on your staycation!


Explore Your Own Backyard

Take the time to enjoy all things local in your area with some help from a GPS.  Brush up on your local history by visiting a historic museum.  Get to know your local government by visiting their office and finding out more about your community resources. Head to the local zoo.  Laugh it up at comedy club.  Check out a few books at your library.  Support your local farmer’s market and enjoy some fresh fruit and produce at your fingertips.

And if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, print a map  of your city and pinpoint local fun spots.  Then take crystal clear photos of each local spot you explore with a digital camera.  Easily share your pictures and photos with others by using the built-in Wi-Fi.  And at the end of your adventure, print professional quality photos on a printer– creating a memorable scrapbook for a keepsake.


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Go Team

Support your local sports team and check out a game.  Round up your friends and dress in team colors. Wrap yourself in what feels like your favorite sweatshirt with a sweatshirt blanket and show your team pride.  Wear it with pride at the next home game then back to home after a night of fun and throw it in your washing machine for easy care.


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Try A New Recipe

Channel surfing always leads to one of my favorite channels – a cooking channel.  Instantly, I become mesmerized by someone from Top Chef throwing down in the kitchen with their exquisite culinary skills.  And I usually make an imaginary list of recipes I’d like to tackle someday.

Well, that someday is now available during your staycation.  Embrace your inner Rachel Ray and dust off that KitchenAid Mixer sitting beautifully in the corner of your countertop.  Be brave and break out at least one recipe.  Get creative and cut corners by using a Dice and Slice Chopper for any vegetables or fruits.

And of course, any cooking should be done to feel good music by turning up your Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  With this awesome splashproof speaker, you can cook your heart out and dance like no one’s watching.

And if you’re feeling a little more courageous, why not organize a get-together, sharing your dish among family and friends.


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Get Nostalgic

One of my fondest childhood memories is enjoying the drive-in theater with my family.  My Mom would pack up me and my 4 siblings up in the cherry red Chevy Impala stationwagon and head to the local drive-in movies.  And in the back seat, there was a cooler full of sodas, Tupperware packed with egg salad sandwiches and a giant bag of chips for us to share while watching our movie.

Although drive-inn movies are a thing of the past, you can create your own version of this pastime for your own kids by being creative.

Set up an area in the living room and ensure the area its completely dark. Decorate your space with some string lanterns.  In the middle of the area, take a inflatable kid’s size pool and blow it up.  Fill it to the brim with tons of pillows and blankets.  Serve each kiddo snacks like buttery popcorn, candy and drinks.  Then settle down the kiddos in their comfy utopia and enjoy a fun movie such Moana.

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Love Thy Neighbor

Create your own adventure park land in your own back yard.  Literally.  Section out areas of your yard and set up outdoor games like Bocce Ball, Ladder Ball or Lawn Bowling! for hours of fun on a budget.

And even more, why not get to know your fellow neighbors and extend your miniature carnival to your entire block.  Send out invites and create a sign-up sheet for a food dishes to share. Think about carnival-themed food like funnel cakes, grilled kabobs, and cotton candy.

Not only will you able to enjoy some fun but also build a stronger bond among your neighbors.  As we all know, good neighbors are hard to find.

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Make It Your Own

All in all, these five things definitely outlines a fun-filled, memorable yet budget-friendly staycation for anyone.  Whether you are spending your time off with family and friends or even by yourself, you can tailor your Staycation to your needs and wants.  And soon enough, your friends in Mexico will be enjoying your Snapchat story of your vacation envying some of your creative adventures back home.


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