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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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What's New for Patio Furniture in 2017

What’s New for Patio Furniture in 2017

Spring is right around the corner and we’re quickly approaching the grilling and outdoor entertaining season!

With patios trending more towards living spaces, deep-seating sets are gaining popularity.  Look for sofas, loveseats, gliders and swivel chairs to make your patio comfortable and welcoming.  Whether you’re looking to incorporate a couple swivel chairs or couches and loveseats, patio sets are designed to accommodate any size patio.


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Just as outdoor living spaces have evolved, so too have the products which we incorporate into those spaces.

Resin wicker is quickly becoming the go-to choice in patio furniture, it’s weather resistant, won’t split or crack, and can stand up to outdoor elements.  Cleaning is a breeze; resin doesn’t absorb moisture so you can easily hose it off or scrub it clean.


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Sunbrella fabrics offer a wide variety of colors and patterns used for outdoor patio cushions.  What’s amazing about this fabric is its lifespan!  Sunbrella fabric is highly resistant to fading caused by the sun and even exposure to chemicals, it’s mold and mildew resistant, water resistant and is made of dyed acrylic fabric, helping your cushions keep their rich color.  Gone are the days when its necessary to replace patio furniture due to cracking, weakened, faded, worn out materials.


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Flexibility is a must in any outdoor living space. Try incorporating a free-standing fire pit and grill.  Whether your hosting a party or enjoying a quiet night outside, these freestanding elements provide flexibility that a built-in fire pit does not offer, allowing you to rearrange your patio to fit your changing needs.  Whether your style preference is modern or contemporary, you’re sure to find a freestanding fire pit that fits your needs, style and budget.  As the days become longer and temperatures begin to rise, your new outdoor living space will be your ideal retreat in the evening or entertainment destination over the weekend.


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