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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 17, 2018

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Fresh Gear for Your March Madness Party

Fresh Gear for Your March Madness Party
Julio Aguirre

Football season is over, even though it is never really over. There are college spring practices, the Spring Game, and the NFL Combine. Those days where you spend 12 hours sitting on your couch eating cubed cheese and drinking the finest cold brew made in the Colorado mountains are only about to get even more amazing!

I’m talking about the best tournament known to any sports fan: The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament aka March Madness. Where you lose one game and your whole season accomplishments mean nothing. Where being undefeated during the regular season means you have a larger target on your back. The Tournament where David can beat Goliath (UNI beating Kansas in 2010)! Lastly, where plenty of people use their analytics skills and fill out a bracket for their hopes to hit it big!

It’s also the time where you and your friends get together to watch the game on the big screen, feet up on the recliner, Jim Nantz calling the play-by-play on the sound bar, and you’re up at the bar whipping up some artisan cocktails for the whole party. Here are some things that will take your party to that next level!


Unrivaled Comfort

There is nothing better than that feeling of sinking into a couch. It’s as if that couch was made of memory foam and remembers to hug every part of your body.  I’d suggest a reclining sectional because you get the best of both worlds; that is, the space of fitting 6 people comfortably and the ability to recline!

If you want that extra protection from your clumsy friends get a leather sofa, then you will be able to wipe away any salsa that lands on your couch. Imagine finally receiving a suede sofa that you have been saving up for and then a friend spills his nacho cheese on the sofa cushion! He’s your friend so you let it slide, but once he leaves, you complain until you go to bed. I mean, it would be something I would do.

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Views for Days

Like many of you I grew up watching the best sports moments on a tube TV. Remember those TVs where the color was never right and you had to let it warm up to get the best display you can get? Also, being a 30-inch TV that weighted about a ton for no reason. It was not only heavy, but it was awkward! Thankfully, technology has moved very quickly and has made those tube TVs obsolete.

If you want to have the best party with everyone around being able to have a good viewing angle, I would go with a 4K TV. The operating system makes changes between input and apps built in the TV seamless. With smaller bezels, you get more screen real estate. Also, it’s an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

The Beats

In addition to your brand new 4K, you are going to need that crispy audio. With the sleek, slim design of your TV, a sound bar will be adding a new dimension to any room. A Bluetooth sound bar will allow you to connect your phone and stream your favorite music as well.

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The Feast

It wouldn’t be a party without some delicious food. To be honest, I currently own a charcoal grill, but I would love a propane grill because of how convenient it is. For example, you go outside you turn on the propane tank and get to grilling. With a charcoal grill, although the charcoal gives it a better taste, you must try to start the fire and like my girl Aaliyah says, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” Knowing me I will be out there all night trying to light a fire and get those coals just right. By the time I get the fire lit and going, the pizza would have arrived.  Kick on the gas grill quickly, or try your best to light up the charcoal? You decide.

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The Sauce

Your party will not be the talk of the year without having a good place to relax during halftime. You tell the gang that one dad joke you have been holding hostage in your back pocket. Just like when you gather around the cooler on Mondays and talk about what the weekend had to offer. You need your own area to spend time in and share some of your wise wisdom. Secretly, you’re reliving those old college days when you used to be a bartender.

These products will help you throw the best March Madness party. To the point that your friends will not want to leave. With the comfort being at your own home having the best seat at the game, all the food you can ask for and with the company you love. What else can you ask for during this tournament season?



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