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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 15, 2019

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Fire Pits & Tabletop Heaters That Warm up Those Cool Spring Nights

Fire Pits & Tabletop Heaters That Warm up Those Cool Spring Nights

If you’re anything like me, you’re ready for spring to get here so you can get outside and enjoy these lovely days and evenings.  As excited as we are to get out, the evenings are still cool and we don’t want that to stop us from enjoying the day to the max. Well here is a couple of ways to warm you up and keep you outside for as long as you like.

The first thing you can add to your back patio or deck is a fire pit. There are so many shapes, sizes and styles to choose I could go on for weeks, but here are a few ideas that I will share with you. Some fire pits can pull double-duty as patio tables so you can stay warm while enjoying your favorite drink. Also, some have inserts that you can place over the fire pit allowing you to make a solid table giving you the option of a two-in-one table. Also the surfaces can range from granite to metal. So it just depends on your needs, style, and space.


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There is another option for people with smaller backyards or those of you that live in an apartment with a smaller porch: table top heaters. These heaters look like a lamp but they emit enough heat to keep you warm. The heaters are also very stylish and perfect for a small space.  The table top heaters are the perfect way to stay warm and enjoy those cool spring nights.


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There are so many fire pits and tabletop heaters to choose from it makes for an exciting shopping trip. NFM has lots of choices so that you can find the perfect fire pit or patio heater to match your style,color scheme, and patio size.

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