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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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How to Get Through the Pre-Spring Dead Zone

How to Get Through the Pre-Spring Dead Zone

When the forecast calls for those boring 40 degree days in March, what do you do? It’s too early to go full-on-outdoors-all-the-time mode, so I just treat it as a good time to wrap up winter projects and get geared up for spring.

Power Wash the Deck & Driveway

When the snow blower gets tucked away for the year, I don’t waste any time breaking out his brother-in-arms known as the power washer. It’s really satisfying to just blast the hell out of my driveway and see all of the dirt, salt and grime wash away. Try it sometime. These are also a great way to wash your car and clean your second floor windows!


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Catch Up On Movies

I used to watch movies at a pretty regular clip, but not anymore. Most nights I’m wiped out by 10:00. Thanks kids! So, when I say that I’m trying to catch up on watching movies, my list now goes back a couple of years and it keeps getting longer. But then movies like Arrival come out and I want to see them first and I end up treading water on my list. So right now, I’m taking the opportunity to make a dent before the weather gets too nice.


Arrival blu-ray movie

Do Taxes and Shred Paperwork

Much like power washing the driveway, shredding up old documents and bills is pretty satisfying. If I let them stack up for a month or so, my office turns into an Enron-esque shred party.

Pro Tip: those shredded docs are a great way to light up your fire pit on those chilly spring nights!


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 Get Ready for Bike Weather

Once the weather finally turns, I want to be able to get my bike out on the trails and go full speed. I try to stay pretty active in the winter so that I’m not gassed after the inaugural spring ride. Plus, if you haven’t biked in a while, you can get pretty sore in some…unexpected areas. This is a great way to make sure that doesn’t happen.


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Keep On Grillin’

If I’m grilling in the winter, why would I slow down in the spring? It’s a great time to start working on some of the delicious delicacies (like rotisserie chicken) that need more time on the grill. You won’t go through as much gas since it’s warmer outside and you can enjoy some quality bird watching as they start migrating back north again. Early spring grilling is also a great time to stare at your grass and wonder how early is too early to put down that first batch of fertilizer. Such are the great questions of life.


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