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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 10, 2018

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6 Great Valentine's Day Movies for Couples or Singles

6 Great Valentine’s Day Movies for Couples or Singles

Christmas has just ended. Every holiday decoration is on sale.  That inflatable snowman that you spent too much money on is now 75% off. The New Year has arrived. New you? Probably not. But, it’s the thought that counts, right?  Within a few weeks you cannot walk through the local grocery store without seeing pink hearts, heart shaped chocolate boxes, and those heart-shaped hard candies that had witty sayings on it. Remember those? “Be mine” “Sugar Pie” “Kiss me” I personally loved the one that said “Heart U” it was ahead of its time!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Now is the perfect time to think about what to give your significant other. I hope you’re NOT like me I spent most of last year trying to figure out what to give my girlfriend for Christmas; she ended up telling me what to give her.  Whoops. Don’t do that. Now that you have the gift wrapped, your best outfit dry cleaned, and dinner reservations, you have to also think about post-dinner plans. A nice stroll downtown would be nice, but what if the weather isn’t cooperating? I have the best solution. Watch a sappy romantic movie. Everyone loves a good cry.

Valentine’s Movie Picks for Couples

P.S I Love You

Listen, I love Hilary Swank, seeing her performance in Million Dollar Baby brought me to tears. That’s a bonus movie you can watch!

P.S. I Love You has a special place in my heart. The first time I watched it I was with my high school girlfriend. I do not know what kind of mood I was in, but as soon as Hilary read the first clue that was left for her, the flood gates opened, I could not stop crying. This movie automatically became a staple for me.


Man. Want to see a man do anything to be with the love of his life? Watch this movie.

A Walk to Remember

You already knew Nicholas Sparks was going to be on this list. A Walk to Remember, a story about two kids from two different worlds clash after a rebellious teen is threatened with expulsion from school. I don’t want to tell you more about this plot, but if you have watched any other Nicholas Sparks’ movies, you already know how this is going to go. Just make sure you have your pint of ice cream and box of Kleenex ready. I know I did.

There was a time where I wasn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day. This was only because I was single and didn’t have anyone to share it with. Between you and I, sometimes being single has its benefits. You don’t share the pizza you just baked, that slice of cheesecake you’ve been thinking about while at work will STILL be in the fridge waiting for you, and you can go to bed without getting in trouble for leaving the seat up.  If you think I have forgotten of my single friends out there, I haven’t. I have movie picks for you that you will enjoy!

Valentine’s Movie Picks for Singles

American Gangster

The true life story about drug lord Frank Lucas played by Denzel Washington. I don’t think I need to say anything else. But, the cop who took down Frank is played by Russell Crowe, do I have your attention now?!

Coming to America

We all need a little Eddie Murphy in our lives, especially when he was at his prime. This movie is fantastic. It has Eddie playing two different roles, an off brand McDonald’s franchise restaurant, and James Earl Jones; the original Darth Vader!


A story of teenage kids trying to be the life of the party by bringing alcohol to a high school party. In a way we have all been there. If not, please don’t tell my mom.

My single friends please don’t lose hope. There is someone out there for everyone. For now, sit back, relax and enjoy these wonderful movies. I hope you thought my list was amazing. Above all enjoy Valentine’s day with the people who care for you.

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