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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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How an Accent Chair Can Change Your Room's Entire Look

How an Accent Chair Can Change Your Room’s Entire Look

Sometimes, it doesn’t take buying all-new furniture or painting walls to give your room that bold look that you’re looking for or a fresh feeling. At times all you need to do is add a chair… yes I said all you need is a chair. I know crazy right?! It’s true sometimes all you need is the right chair and the room can look and feel completely different than before.

There are many reasons to use accent chairs and with all the fabric options like leather, upholstery and microfiber, accent chairs will match any style and bring out the inner decorator in you. Accent chairs are also a fun way to showcase your individual style or artistic mind in a way that won’t over take the room.  They can also be used to sleekly add extra seating to a space.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use an accent chair to bring a big splash to your space. If your living room has a lot of solid colors, adding a patterned accent chair can make all the difference. A patterned chair will bring texture to your room and make the solid colors in the room pop.


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If you’re looking for energy, adding a solid bright color to your space will be what you will want to look at. Adding a bold color to your space will not only accent it but will give your room a different feel that your guests will notice

Now that we have the color out of the way, there are other options to consider. What type of fabric do you want? Do you want an armless accent chair? Short back or high back? Accent chairs come with all different types of legs and all kinds of styles from traditional to cottage and contemporary. There are also reclining accent chairs so not only can you add color but you can also add comfort making your accent chair the go-to piece in the room.

There are an almost endless array of options from custom to pre-made accent chairs on the market just waiting to be bought and put in your home. At NFM, you can choose from several varieties in different sizes and colors and find the perfect accent chair for your living room!

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