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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Easy Ways to Find Your Zen Every Day

Easy Ways to Find Your Zen Every Day

Like most of us, we’re finally able to breathe a bit after surviving your typical holiday chaos:  Shuttling from one family dinner to the next, battling traffic, snow, and time.  Stressing over gift exchange with loved ones trying to make sure everyone is happy.  All the while, trying to cure yourself from winter colds and unexpected fevers that suddenly appear because well, it’s part of the routine of your annual holiday mayhem.

So let’s welcome 2017 by truly rejuvenating yourself through finding your very own zen.

What is Zen?

Some of us are familiar with the word, Zen.  For those who are not familiar with this term, please know that most practice zen on a daily basis and do not even know it.  According to Wikipedia,  Zen emphasizes rigorous self-control, meditation-practice, insight into Buddha-nature, and the personal expression of this insight in daily life, especially for the benefit of others. By focusing on key phrases, daily life, self control, and benefit of others, we can understand that zen allows us to achieve a more fulfilling happy life.

So let’s try to achieve a better you by finding your zen.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Sounds redundant but it’s true.  The more organized a person becomes, the less stress a person feels by everyday life.  A friend of mine told me years ago that she makes her bed every morning.  And from that simple step, she started to organize the rest of her home.

So start with your home by taking baby steps.  Begin with a simple list breaking it down room by room.  Then de-clutter by asking yourself two simple questions:  Does it contribute to the overall beautiful energy of your home?  Have you used in 12 months?  Then use a plan of attack by getting everyone involved at home. Designate a spot for material being discarded or removed and donate it.

If you love makeup as much as I do, a jewelry and cosmetic organizer will keep your beauty goods stay organized in your bathroom.  This two-piece set is a great way to store my favorite lip gloss, brushes, and perfume.

As a soccer coach and busy Mama of two beautiful but very active daughters, a seat-back organizer saves the day commuting from sports games to dance and school.

Turn It Off

For most, your cell phone, laptop and electronics are your lifeline.  I am absolutely guilty of it.  You know the feeling.  Sweat beads start to form at your forehead.  You start to panic because your cellphone is not within reach.  You retrack your steps wondering if you somehow left it behind.   And all of sudden, you feel a vibration wedged in your recliner because someone mentioned you on Facebook.  All is well again.

It’s time to turn it all off for moment.

Gather Your Family for a Game Night Once a Week

My family and I usually play a board game once a week.  I usually make snacks while my boyfriend and daughters set up the board game.  And usually our dog Leaka awakens from her slumber due to the loud eruption of laughter following from the living room to the kitchen.  Not only does it create great memories but it also allows you to truly use your thinking skills and brings out the best competitor in all of us.  I highly recommend this 7-in-1 Combo Game .

Wrap yourself in a Surya throw and get lost in new book while sipping on a nice hot cup of chamomile to relax yourself.

Love Your Body

And of course, New Year Resolutions usually steer us into thinking about getting back into the gym and eating better.  This time don’t just think about it.  Be like Nike, and Just do it.  It’s no mystery when you feel good, you are ultimately a better person at home and work.

Begin with Your Body and Nourish It

Try a new healthy recipe.  Why not try your hand in a protein smooth recipe by using Magic Bullet Blender.  This cool gadget allows you to chop, mix, blend, and grind any job in 10 seconds or less.

Like yourselves, we tend to use excuses in trying to find time.  Like some, I struggle trying to make time among juggling a career and family as well.  Just remember this. You will never regret a workout.  The benefits are boundless.

Join Your Local Gym

During this time of year, you can take advantage of the best gym deals.   Or even better, create your own fitness space in the comfort of your home. A rubber floor mat serve as a great flooring alternative.  Whether it’s lifting weights or doing yoga, this soft material will provide support in the comfort of your own home.

Like yourselves, I’ve decided to take action and love my body once again.  Using Pinterest as a resource, I’ve been able to find home workouts, easy to follow, using my body weight alone, after putting my kids to bed.  Some of these home workouts incorporate your own couch but try adding a balance ball to your workout gear at home as well and you’ll be able to work your core at your own convenience.

Happiness Is a Choice

Sometimes life gets the best of us.  Whenever possible, just dance. Turn up the volume and absolutely dance like no one’s watching.  Or if you’re like my family and I, music is therapy and we dance while we cook meals, eat dinner, clean house as a family using our most prized possession, a JBL Bluetooth Speaker.  Whether you want to sing in the shower or dance in the kitchen, use this portable device to play your favorites.

Ultimately, life is a journey and sometimes the roads we take are difficult and tiresome.  But when we realize happiness is a choice and it truly depends on ourselves, we can truly find our zen.  Make 2017 your year and find your zen!

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