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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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What Exactly Can You Do with the Amazon Echo?

What Exactly Can You Do with the Amazon Echo?
Julio Aguirre

Christmas has come and gone. After all of the stress that family brings over the holidays, you’re left to decipher are two things. Will all the trash get picked up on pickup day or the next day? Also, how exactly does this long cylinder looking thing work?!

The Amazon Echo is this year’s hottest gadget; you know it was on Santa’s list all over the world. Somehow you caved and bought one for little Timmy Turner, now you have to figure out how it works and what it does.

If you’re like me, directions and owner manuals are just a nice coaster for that cold beverage. But, as usual you get halfway through the building process and you are missing 3 screws and for some reason you don’t have any washers left. Why do we always put ourselves through this pain?!

How to use the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a hands- free speaker that you can control with your voice. The Echo connects to Alexa Voice Service and it allows you to control it with phrases. Kind of like when you used your phone to actually call people and talk. Or when you called Moviefone and received local movie times. Here are a few things that your brand-new state-of-the-art-gadget can do for you and all you need is your voice.

Order Pizza

One of the greatest inventions a Human ever gave us was the round, cheesy, chewy yet crispy goodness called pizza. Once the Amazon Echo connects to your Domino’s Pizza account, you can order a pizza with just your voice. “Alexa open Domino’s” easy as that. You can ask Alexa to place your Easy Order, Recent Order, or track your order.

Play your Favorite Playlist

Since the Echo is Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream any of your favorite music apps on it. The Echo has a 2.5-inch woofer and a 2.0 tweeter ready for you to blast that fire Migos track. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite Spotify playlist and no matter where you are, YOU will be the life of the party.

Order an Uber

How often do you find yourself needing a ride to that party across town? You find yourself waiting for Becky “with the good hair” to finish getting ready for the party and you just don’t want to wait on her anymore. So you say, “Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride.” A few minutes later, Greg your Uber driver pulls up to your house and off to the party you go! Easy.

Check Your Calendar & Set Timers

You ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking you forgot to do something? Well, that won’t happen anymore, the Echo supports Google Calendar so now you can be synced in more places. Did you just put that pot roast in the oven? The Echo can help you set a timer too!

Control Your Lights

Picture this, its Saturday night, the weather outside is dipping lower and lower. You grab your favorite blanket and lay on the couch. You get to the point where your comfort is unrivaled. Your movie starts, but there is a glare on the screen coming from the lights. What do you do? Getting up is out of the question, do I need to state how comfortable you are? If your home is automated, the Echo can turn off your lights with a breeze. You won’t even need to get up!

Now you can show Timmy Turner that you are just as computer savvy as he is. Your voice has the power to control your home, your music, and allows you to order anything on Amazon’s website. The future is now, don’t miss it, embrace it. The Amazon Echo will only get better, with third party apps being supported, the sky is the limit on this new technology.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will tell you all about the different devices you can connect to the Amazon Echo.

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