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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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Stylish Ways to Stay Organized This Year

stylish organization
Rayme Wells

Once upon a time, I was organized. Very organized. Unfortunately, after moving three times in less than two years, my organizational system crumbled under pressure. Now it time to rebuild.

After moving so many times and losing track of some items in the shuffle, my new philosophy is that I want more of my belongings to be easily accessible and visible, rather than tucked away in a closet — and that means decorative, sophisticated storage options that fit beautifully into my home design.

The problems I need to tackle may sound very familiar to you.

Problem #1:  My magazines are in a pile on the coffee table. Since I can’t keep up, I need a stylish magazine holder to hold the new issues.

Now, don’t laugh… but the reason I don’t finish my magazines is that I am so busy reading library books. A nice magazine organizer could work just as elegantly for a stack of books, to keep them off my nightstand.

Problem #2:  My shoes are in a pile near the door. Actually not all of the shoes are mine, but most of them are, so I am willing to take primary responsibility for the shoe issue. The Bamboo Entryway Organizer in Natural will work well in a mudroom or entryway, to hold shoes, umbrellas, purses, lunch bags, hats and any other items that may be deposited near the door.


Problem #3:  My important papers are in a pile on my desk. (Are you seeing the pattern? Everything is in a pile right now.) These are things that I cannot store digitally. I like the Metal Document Holder, but my new printer takes up so much desk space that I may need to go with a wall hanging system, like the colorful Houtes 3 Piece Wall File Holders. The colors would certainly brighten things up and make me want to spend more time at my desk.

Problem #4:  My clothes are in a pile in the bedroom. Actually this problem is already halfway solved, since I found the perfect laundry hamper. It looks great in the room, and has separate sections for light and dark clothes, so they are always presorted. I definitely recommend divided laundry hampers!

Now, if I can just find some attractive vintage trunk-style containers to hold my seasonal clothing, I will be all set. (I once used some plastic tubs, but they became my son’s toy bins after one of the moves – which is fine, since bright green plastic definitely does not fit into my new stylish home organization plan.)

Problem #5:  Okay, I don’t really have a fifth problem — but I am seriously thinking about inventing a new pile, just so that I can use some stylish storage baskets to hold… something. I just love industrial wire baskets, and they would look terrific in my home.

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Remember, there is no need to sacrifice your fabulous style as you become more organized. Baskets, shelves, bins and other types of storage don’t need to be only functional, they can be functional and beautiful — plus they can actually improve the style of your home if they are chosen and incorporated with that intention. So, why not consider your home décor carefully and look for organizational items that will make your place look even more amazing than it already does?

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