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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Why Induction Cooktops Are a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

Why Induction Cooktops Are a Great Choice for Your Kitchen

There’s no doubt, fall and winter are definitely cooking season.  We spend more time in our homes cooking for our family, and November and December are filled with opportunities to entertain.  If you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading your range, you might think gas or electric are your only options.  But have you heard of induction?

Induction cooktops work when the electric current from turning on the burner creates an electromagnetic field.  There isn’t heat generated to the burner itself, but once you set an iron or stainless steel pan on the burner, the magnetic field reacts with the pan and heats it.  Most stainless steel and cast iron cookware is compatible with induction elements. An easy rule of thumb: if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, it’s induction-friendly.


So the process of induction is pretty cool, but you might be wondering why it’s better than gas or electric.  First, it can save you money on your utility bill.  Frigidaire’s induction cooktop is 70% more efficient than cooking with gas and 20% more efficient than cooking with electric.  Using induction gets meals to the table faster.  For example, it brings water to a boil in less than 2 minutes!  Cooking with induction is more responsive than gas or electric so you can easily go from simmer to boil.

Maybe the best thing about induction?   It reduces clean-up time.  Because it heats the pan, not the cooktop, spills can’t burn on.  We all have better things to do than to spend time scraping of the spaghetti sauce that boiled over!  Since the cooktop isn’t heated, it’s safer for those little hands that always want to be touching the stove.  And let’s be honest, safer for those grown-up, accident prone hands as well.

Frigidaire has a full line-up of induction cooktops and ranges that you can check-out at NFM.

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