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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Why Shooting 360° Video is Pretty Much the Coolest Thing Right Now

Why Shooting 360° Video is Pretty Much the Coolest Thing Right Now

You may have noticed recently on Facebook and YouTube certain videos that allow you to move your smartphone around and be immersed in a photo of some of your favorite destinations. Did you ask yourself, ‘How did they do that’? If you didn’t, then that makes one of us.

I got obsessed. I could see all the possibilities. What if I took this camera on my vacations and instead of one stagnant two-dimensional picture, I could have the whole horizon at my disposal to go back to and relive that moment. What if some of these places that I may not get to see in my life I could recreate in some small way in my very own living room? The possibilities for this technology are beginning to feel endless and luckily enough for us all it is getting more and more affordable every single day. The technology I am obviously referring to is 360° photography and videography and I will teach you how you can do it yourself, and I am sure it is going to be easier than you imagined.

Let’s start off by introducing you to the VR device that has becoming synonymous with virtual reality over the past 30 years, the headset.

VR Headset

Most VR devices use your smart phone as the screen. The internal gyroscope allows for 360° movement allowing the user to look around as if they were actually there! Ever wonder what the top of Mount Everest looks like? Now you don’t have to wonder and even more importantly you don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen at 29,000 feet!

These headsets are mostly universal and some even incorporate Bluetooth technology in order to move around even easier with a remote control. Open the software, pick a destination, slide the phone in, get the straps nice and tight and you are ready for an adventure my friend.

Now let’s get to the heart of what drives this technology, the 360° camera itself. They’re small, lightweight, some are even waterproof, and most are fitted with Wi-Fi technology to make uploading your images a breeze.

These cameras utilize one or more fisheye lenses in order to capture 360° field of view which then allows the user to ‘Move Around’ within their own pictures with a smartphone. Many extreme sport athletes have adopted this technology and have produced some truly breathtaking and adrenaline inducing shots that even the most adventurous individual need have an iron stomach in order to handle.

I will leave you with one question you need to ask yourself. You found the perfect place on top of the perfect mountain villa, penthouse suite, or next to the most beautiful beach you have ever seen with the person closest to you in your life.  You get home and begin to reminisce on the adventure of a lifetime through pictures, one represents less than 1% of the overall view and the other is the whole thing. Which do you choose?

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