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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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5 Ways to Deck Your Doorway for Christmas

5 Ways to Deck Your Doorway for Christmas

With each new season brings a new opportunity to decorate accordingly! Some of you may dislike the daunting task and some of you may love it! Some may go all out inside and out and some may choose not to decorate at all and that’s okay too, but one of the easiest ways to celebrate the seasons is to deck your doorway. In this post I will show you how easy it is to create a holiday doorway masterpiece this season in just 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Get That Garland!

There are so many options when it comes to garland, you can get snowy garland, pinecone garland, ornament garland, Christmas lights garland, jingle bell garland and the list goes on and on! Pick a style that you like and that works with your home. You can string it up at the top of your door and you can string it around your whole door for a fuller look.

garland lines


Step 2: Get Yourself a Wreath!

Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have a shortage of options for your door’s specific shape and size. Similar to garland there are all types of wreath selections: glittery, frosted, berries, 3-tiered, mixed bristle and more. They made from several different types of trees or even twigs or burlap fabric. Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered!


wreaths at


Step 3: Add in Your Flavor!

Baby it’s cold outside, add in some icicles to reflect the weather outside or how about adding a colored bow with clear lights to add some glowing flare to your door. Everyone in the neighborhood will see your door shinning bright at night!


ornaments and tree trim


Step 4: Don’t Limit Yourself to Just the Door!

It’s called deck your doorWAY for a reason. Even if you don’t have a huge front porch and just a tiny slab of concrete, throw down a holiday themed doormat and urn planter filled with greenery: sprigs, red berries and pine cones. Throw in a few lights to add to the twinkle effect.

Christmas greenery


Step 5: Final Touches

Surprise and delight your visitors with any of these items: A Kissing Ball (think mistletoe) or a holiday classic, stockings which allows your neighbors to leave you home-baked Christmas cookies!

Whatever your preference for decorating might be, just have fun with it! It should be a reflection of your style and it’s a fun way to show your community you’ve got the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from our homes to yours!


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