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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Add a Splash to Your Kitchen with Colorful Small Appliances

Add a Splash to Your Kitchen with Colorful Small Appliances

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and thought “Wow I could use just a little more color” but really don’t want to paint, or do you live in an apartment where painting your kitchen is not an option? Well, I am here to give you a few simple and inexpensive ways to add that splash of color to your kitchen!

Here at Nebraska Furniture, we offer a variety of small appliances that come in different colors to match any décor that you have. From mixers to hand blenders, there are many options out there that will allow you to spice your kitchen up in a fun way.

coffee makers

Coffeemakers from Keurig offers a brewing system for all you K-cup lovers that comes in 6 different colors. With all these colors, you’ll definitely find something to match your décor and add just a subtle hint of color without overpowering your kitchen. Its sleek design will fit nicely on your countertop. So go ahead and drink your coffee in style!



Blenders are available in a variety of colors as well, If you want to stay healthy in a fun way, Hamilton beach offers a single serve option that comes in a lime green color to make you always feel that it’s spring year around. This also features a travel lid for the people on the go.


My last idea for you is a colorful stand mixer. If you’re anything like me I have no cabinets that will hold my big mixer so it stays on my countertop. This is a nice piece that could possibly be the only thing you need to make that splash of color in your kitchen.

KitchenAid offers a ton of colors and different bowl sizes to help you achieve that look you’re looking for. With so many different colors to choose from you won’t have any problems finding the perfect color for your kitchen.

There are plenty of ways to bring color in to your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Small, vibrant items like these will make a huge statement to your guests. Now, we can decorate our kitchen the same way we decorate the rest of the house!

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