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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Playstation 4 VR Review: The Next Level of Gaming Is Here

Playstation 4 VR Review: The Next Level of Gaming Is Here

Hello Game fans and welcome to a special edition of the GameChanger.  Last week a huge innovation in gaming was released, when Sony delivered the much anticipated Playstation VR.  My impressions prior to launch, were that this would be a good novelty device, however after I tried it I realized that this meant much, much more to the industry as a whole.

VR gaming completely changed gaming for me, and made it a more profound experience. Though this PS4 add on (yes you do have to have a PS4 to use it) was a little complicated to set up, it is well worth the price of admission. I thought it was interesting that there were warnings that kids under 12 should not be using the PS VR. I wasn’t quite sure if that was a brain development issue or that maybe a child that young would actually try to run around in the physical world while in the VR headset causing damage and or injury. I can tell you I did get a little VR Sickness (aka CyberSickness) which the symptoms are the same as motion sickness, I recommend pausing the game, and taking off the headset for a moment until that feeling passes. This add on to the PS4 is pretty amazing, and definitely will show you where gaming is headed.

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The PS VR comes with quite a few demos, which I highly recommend trying out, and there is also a few free downloads available on the PS Store like the Playstation VR Playroom which is great fun for the whole family. I played all the games on the demo, here are the ones I thought were the best.


Battle Zone – this is a complete and very fitting reboot of a game I used to play as a child, the original stand up arcade game debut in 1980. In this game you battle wave after wave of enemies in a Tron style Tank. Your objective is to keep clearing zone after zone until you reach the end.

EPIC VR TANK WARFARE – Built from the ground up for PlayStation VR, Battlezone offers unrivalled battlefield awareness, a monumental sense of scale and breathless combat intensity. LIMITLESS SOLO & CO-OP PLAY – Experience a thrilling campaign for 1-4 players where different environments, enemies and mission types are blended together across a procedurally generated campaign map. No two playthroughs will ever be the same! DEVASTATING ARSENAL – Load your Cobra Tank with a wide range of devastating weapons and awesome special equipment, from laser-guided missiles and artillery to EMPs, powerful area of effect attacks, and more. CUTTING-EDGE UPGRADES – Unlock ever more powerful tanks, weapons and special equipment with every play through – giving you hundreds of deadly combinations to tailor to your play style and tactical needs. ADVANCED STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY – Make meaningful strategic decisions before each combat scenario as you hunt down upgrades and weaken enemy defenses. But beware … The Corporation grow stronger and deadlier with every choice!


DriveClub VR – I cannot express how amazing this game is. This is the most natural feeling driving simulator I have played ever. This game really puts you behind the wheel, all the dash board instruments work, and to see where my opponents were behind me I only had to glance at my rear view mirrors.

Strap into the driver’s seat to experience the rush of VR racing in the most powerful, high-end cars on the planet. Thunder across challenging tracks in a solo career, or with your friends in an online VR driving club. GEAR UP for virtual reality racing. Strap into the driver’s seat to experience the rush of VR racing in the most powerful, high-end cars on the planet. GEAR UP FOR VIRTUAL REALITY RACING. The roar of the engines. the screech of the tires… the scream of the crowds.


Playstation VR Worlds –  this game has the most varying content of all the VR games out to date. In one of the sub demos I was in a dive cage getting lowered to the bottom of the ocean and just taking in the sights. In another sub demo I was at a gun shooting range working on my skills.

Step into PlayStation VR WORLDS and prepare to journey through five unique PS VR experiences specially created for the players. Go nose to nose with a great white shark, crawl through decaying space hulks, weave between oncoming traffic, survive a futuristic sport or take part in a gritty London gangster thriller. PlayStation VR WORLDS features a breadth of content and game genres that wonderfully showcase inventive VR design, best in class visuals and binaural audio soundscapes. PlayStation VR WORLDS demonstrates the diversity of critically renowned VR experiences; The London Heist, VR Luge and Into The Deep (working title) and featuring additional game modes, VR World challenges and more. Compete with friends in the living room and other gamers around the globe on the VR Worlds Leaderboards. Something for everyone, from the casual player to the gaming veteran. PlayStationVR headset and PlayStationCamera required and sold separately. Quantities are limited and not guaranteed to arrive with your software purchase.


EVE: Valkyrie – this one you have to see to believe, totally amazing.

Gorgeous VR visuals immerse you in the action like never before. Cutting-edge virtual reality gameplay takes space combat into the future. Competitive multiplayer action rewards teamwork and tactics. Skill-based character progression and ship upgrades give you complete control over your pilot’s combat style. Stunning EVE Universe setting and deep backstory place you in a futuristic sci-fi world that becomes more than real. Become an elite fighter pilot and immerse yourself in virtual reality space combat. Live out the fantasy and thrill of being an elite spaceship pilot in the sprawling sci-fi universe of EVE. Join the Valkyrie, an outlaw band of galactic pirates, and take up arms to claim what’s yours. Trade cannon fire for cash as you chase wealth and notoriety on the edge of space.


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