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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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How to Decorate with Plaid Accents for Fall

How to Decorate with Plaid Accents for Fall
Rayme Wells

If you’re looking for a patterned item to add to your home, consider plaid.

At this very moment, I am using a plaid throw, and I am a lifelong fan of plaid patterns. Plaid reminds me of raincoat linings, lumberjacks, flannel pajamas, wool scarves, and the wallpaper from my childhood bedroom. Once, I even had a plaid swimsuit!

When I first got married, I had to switch my single bed out for something bigger, and that meant a new set of sheets and a new bedspread. We didn’t want a solid color, and we didn’t want anything too feminine. I knew that searching for plaid designs would be a great starting point.

Plaid never goes out of style because it such an incredibly versatile pattern!

It can range from a more feminine design to a very masculine and woodsy design. Plaid can be classic or it can be modern; it can be familiar or even a little bit exotic (think Scottish).

Basically, plaid is for everyoneeven babies!

Plaid can be very subtle and simple, but it can also be bold. If you can’t decide on a color theme at home, why not use a multicolored plaid pattern to mix in all of the colors you like?

If you’re starting to picture some plaid in your life right now, Nebraska Furniture Mart has plenty of plaid home accents for you to choose from.

You can dress your bed up in some classic plaid sheets, or maybe some cozy patchwork plaid like the Micro Flannel Smokey Mt. Plaid Comforter Set.


If you are looking for a new chair, how about the Century Wool Chair in Blue Plaid? This roomy chair can add fresh style to your living space, and has wheels on the front feet to make rearranging the furniture a breeze.

If you need something smaller, pillows can add that touch of plaid without making a big commitment to the pattern. I like to use throw pillows, because they can be very easily mixed with other designs or changed with the season. How about the Plaid Buck Pillow or the Plaid Reindeer Reversible Pillow to help create that cozy lodge feeling when the weather is colder?

For your favorite rodeo queen, the Howdy Rope Plaid Pillow would make a great gift, and if you are a dog lover, the Love Me, Love My Dog Plaid Pillow might be just right for your home.

Click to shop plaid pillows

Other plaid options include blankets, shower curtains, carpeting, drapes… and even plaid wood, like the Elk Lightning Plaid Side Chest in White or the beautiful Plaid Nail Head Chest.

Whether it is bright colors, neutrals, thick lines, narrow lines, an all-over print or just a bit of decorative trim, plaid patterns always feel like home!


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