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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Movies with Julio: Scary Flicks for Halloween

Movies with Julio: Scary Flicks for Halloween
Julio Aguirre

Since the last time I was here a lot has happened, Fall is here in full effect just look at my driveway, New Girl is back on TV, (I love Zoey) and I was given my own blog segment! Someone call my mom and tell her I made it, I’m internet famous! If you see me walking my daughter around the neighborhood, I’ll be ready for that selfie and autograph. I am happy to be able to share my thoughts with you again!

With Halloween around the corner, we thought it would be nice to give you a few scary movies to watch during a fall night after the kids have gone to bed. (Or during that sleepover your daughter has asked you to let her have for a few months now.)

Before we start, I’m just going to say that I am easily scared. I do not like scary movies. AT. ALL. After watching any scary movie, I have to sleep with my nightlight. I remember one time after watching The Exorcist as a kid, my big sister decided to scare me half to death before I went to bed. She hid under my bed and grabbed my leg right as I jumped in! This happened nearly 20 years ago, I will get my vengeance! With that being said, here are my favorite scary movies.

The Shining


For a guy that loves movies, I am a little late to this Stanley Kubrick classic. (Also, I have never seen any of the “Indiana Jones” movies!) I recently saw “The Shining” and let me tell you it is a masterpiece. From the opening scene of a man driving an open road up the mountain, to the transformation that Jack Nicholson does throughout this movie. This movie has been dissected and criticized by everyone in Hollywood, it has left more questions than answers. Trust me, the suspense that this movie brings you is fantastic.




Growing up, how many of us sat right in front of the TV watching our favorite Saturday morning cartoon?! That all changed as soon as I saw Poltergeist. When the wrong button was pushed on the remote control and that fuzzy screen came on I was frightened. Remember, I get scared easily. This is one of the classic scary movies. It has been remade a few times, but you only need to watch this one to never see the TV screen the same again!


The Ring


I don’t know why the movie business kept trying to scare me making me think that things were going to come out of my television set! “The Ring” in short was about a VHS tape that mysteriously caused the death of the person that watched it within a week. This movie made you rethink everything in life, TVs and VHS tapes. Something I haven’t heard about in a while; VHS tapes, my mom has four tote loads of old kid movies in her garage.  Best believe I will leave them in the garage.

The Conjuring


Whenever there is a child’s doll involved in some sort of paranormal activity, I am instantly scared. For example, you know that porcelain doll that your grandmother had on top of her dresser? She always combed her hair at night and named her Lucy, every time you saw that doll you thought her eyes followed you through the room. You remember that feeling? That’s the same feeling I got while watching this movie!

Hocus Pocus


This is mainly for the kids. But then again, if you’re like me, who doesn’t love Bette Midler!? This movie is a classic. When you have all of your kid’s friends over and you’re the only chaperone, a scary movie isn’t the best move. I will definitely watch this movie with my kid when she’s old enough!

I am 100% sure that one of these movies will scare you! Trust me, I know.   If you don’t get scared, I will delete my account. I have spent countless hours thinking of why anyone would put themselves through such an experience. I haven’t slept for days because of doing research! Remember, enjoy this holiday and save me some candy. I love Snickers. Also, make sure you don’t pass around off brand candy, kids hate that.

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