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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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No Budget? No Problem! How I'd Build My Dream Kitchen

Creating Your Dream Kitchen
Julio Aguirre

Now let’s start of by saying that this is not a sponsored blog, it was a coincidence when I was told to imagine building my own kitchen without a budget. The GE Monogram series called my name from a mile away. I wouldn’t mind if GE gifted me with a brand new kitchen though. Even if you don’t want to give me a new kitchen. A new stove would do, Stainless Steel, I’m not picky. GE you know where to reach me!

At the moment I have a galley kitchen that feels a bit crammed together, mostly because we have a refrigerator that takes up more space than necessary and sticks out like a sore thumb. In my dream kitchen scenario, let’s assume I have a chef kitchen layout, with the stovetop right in the middle of the island, seating around it, and most important tons of space around me. My dream kitchen would have dark oak cabinets, track lighting, recessed lighting, a light color Marble countertop and natural color hardwood floors. Do you see what I see? Stunning, right? Now, let’s talk about the appliances. Remember, I have no budget!

True story, before I knew I was going to write this I told my mom that one day I will own a stove with a built in griddle. It’s a goal of mine. (Please GE, remodel my kitchen!) With this GE Monogram Professional Rangetop, I imagine myself making eggs on one burner, bacon on another and flipping the pancake on the griddle all at the same time. How convenient does that sound? I am a fan of gas cooktops, I feel as if there’s more of an accurate temperature control, and the heat distribution feels natural. Also, with 6 burners, there will be so much room for activities, you cannot go wrong with it. Being a rangetop, there is more room for your kitchen necessities in your cabinets.

I am not a chef, far from it, I enjoy cooking and have made some mistakes in the kitchen. For example: leaving an oil filled pan on the fire for too long, boiling milk until it overflows, and leaving a pizza in the oven too long. Cooking isn’t easy!

With all of these mistakes came smoke and odors that lingered around the house for too long. This Island Chimney Range Hood has dual blowers that will absorb any odor that terrible cooking happens to dispense. It also has 4 halogen lights that can light up your cooking space. Doesn’t this thing look gorgeous?!

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I wanted to pick a smart refrigerator, the one with cameras inside it showing you what groceries you need to buy, the one that plays music through the front door. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it sounds amazing. Aesthetically, picking that one wouldn’t work for me, I want everything to match, brands, finishes, and styles. This GE Monogram Professional Refrigerator has a ton of space for your milk, adult beverage, and last night’s pizza. The freezer has enough space to fit 5 pints of your favorite Ice cream with room to spare.


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Although I have tried to bake, I am not a good baker. Not one bit. I can tell you one thing I am good at and that is eating the cookies after they are baked.  I can just imagine myself removing a 14 pound turkey from this built-in convection oven and having it be juicy, crispy, and tastier than anything I have ever made. Who wants to come over for Thanksgiving?


GE Monogram Wall Oven with door open


I’ve never been a true fan of the microwave; I believe it makes food taste a bit weird. The textures are different, the food is never warm, and the middle of my food portion is always cold. Always. A microwave is necessary though, it’s convenient. How else will you warm up that Chinese food from last night?  This GE countertop microwave would definitely fit the bill.


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I purposely left out a dishwasher since I don’t believe in them. I don’t think they’re useful. A waste of space, water, and electricity. I also grew up without one. I don’t see a point of me having to rinse the dish then place it in the dishwasher for it to be clean. Seems like double the work. I don’t currently have one in my home, I wash dishes by hand. Its therapeutic.

Stainless Steel is the way to go on all of the appliances; there’s just a luxurious look when you walk into a kitchen with nothing but stainless steel appliances with that light shining off of them. Such a beautiful sight. So tell me, how would you build your kitchen if you had an unlimited budget?

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