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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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The Best in Baby Gear: 5 Items Worth Their Weight in Diapers

video baby monitor

Newborns come with a lot of new gear. I’ve noticed that our ever-expanding nursery has quickly spilled over into the rest of the house. There are a couple of things that definitely make life with a little one a lot easier, here’s a look at some baby gear that’s a huge help around the house.

Baby Monitors

Portable audio monitors are a great way to listen in on your little one from anywhere in the house. It’s a great way to put your mind at ease and know that they’re sleeping soundly. Look for a monitor that features rechargeable batteries so that you can carry it around the house while they’re asleep.


Video Baby Monitors

For those of you that would like to check in on Junior without stirring his peaceful slumber, a video baby monitor will be your new favorite toy. You can set up a camera in the nursery and check in on your little guy with a portable LCD monitor. Now, you can watch them wiggle around to your heart’s content!

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A good playpen is an absolute must. They’re perfect if you’re traveling somewhere that doesn’t have a crib. It’s also a safe place that you can let your baby play or go down for a nap while you keep an eye on them.

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A Sturdy Baby Gate

Full disclosure, I am a giant klutz. I trip over almost anything and we have a lot of stairs in our house. So, when we were looking at some cheap, old-fashioned lever gates, I was looking at a disaster waiting to happen. So we checked out a nice swinging gate with a latch. Take my word for it, they are worth every penny for the convenience, durability, and peace of mind.

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Toddler Bed Rails

When your little one isn’t so little anymore and it’s time to move from the crib to a big kid bed, a toddler bed rail can help with that transition. They’re a great balance of independence and safety for your kid. Plus, they’re a great control panel for those make-believe trips into outer space before bedtime.

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