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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Let's Build the Perfect Home Theater for Football Season

home theater room

Football season is just around the corner.  With football season comes fall-themed parties and shindigs, pumpkin beer and pumpkin lattes, hoodies and scarves, but most importantly, with football season comes tailgating and game day parties!

Of course, some people are there for the game, but more often than not a good portion of guests will be there just for the party.

If your game day parties are anything like mine, they probably go a little something like this: the TV volume is already up as high as it will go, the kids are running around the house, grandma thinks the TV is too loud so she yells to be heard over the racket, everyone else thinks the TV is too quiet so they repeatedly hush the kids who only get louder, now someone (probably Mom) is standing in front of the TV and is in the way – probably making sure everyone got enough to eat – no one is paying attention to the game until something exciting happens and the house erupts into chaos as everyone cheers, and as always, there is just never enough beer to go around.  Your local grocery store will obviously be your salvation-via-libations, but how can you make sure that your game day viewing experience is exceptional for both you and your guests/family?


Here’s Where We Come In


Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Electronics Design and Installation Center is your one-stop shop for home theater installation and home automation. Are you ready for a home theater system where you can watch football games, horror films, and cult classics to your heart’s content?   The EDIC team can evaluate your home and help you select the products and setup that would work best for you and your lifestyle.


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They can also customize and design electronics for your business, whether you work from home, or outside it.  Do you need a new projector for your conference room? Do you need TVs mounted in your break room? Do you need a screen to display your products and services? The Electronics Design team offers these services and more!

Do you desire an “away room” in your house where you can listen to music and take a much-needed break? Not only can the EDIC team design this music system, but they can seamlessly install it in your house—with no visible cords or visible equipment necessary.  They also offer in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that will blend effortlessly (their surfaces are paintable) into your house. Some of the available sub-woofers and speakers produce such a clear and crisp sound that it will seem like your favorite band is right there in your den!

We also offer an exceptional line of products for home automation. How would you like to control your home through your smartphone or a universal remote?  Media, Climate, Security, Lighting, and Irrigation are just some of the things that you can control through your smartphone or universal remote.


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The EDIC team will come to your home (or business!) and design an automation system that is best for your needs and wants.  Have you ever forgotten to adjust the thermostat when you left for work? Have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights before leaving your house? Have you ever come home from work and had your hands full of groceries, coffee, paperwork, purse/brief case, and just can’t manage to get your keys out of your pocket?  These are all easily addressed with home automation products offered by the Electronics Design and Installation Center!

So, take control of your next game day party. If your TV is mounted on the wall, then Mom won’t be in the way when she asks for the umpteenth time if anyone is hungry.  If you have a built-in speakers throughout the house, the kids can be as loud as possible without distorting anyone’s ability to hear the game.  With the right home automation choices, you can control your home without leaving your favorite recliner! Of course the local grocery store will be your salvation-via-libations, but let Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Electronics Design and Installation Center be your salvation-via-viewing experience!

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