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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 16, 2019

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How to Find a Phone Case That Fits Your Style

How to Find a Phone Case That Fits Your Style

Nearly two-thirds of Americans currently own a smartphone of some kind.  For some, these devices are their only tool to access the wealth of information, online services, and entertainment that the online world provides.  Our population has moved to a state of dependency on smartphones and the access that it grants us.

This dependency has also become a sense of style or representation of the owner.  We’re no longer living in an era filled with Zach Morris’ brick-like cellphones.  They’ve evolved into an identity similar to the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and the food we eat.

How many times have you seen or experienced shattered screens, waterlogged phones, and fried batteries?

Keeping your device protected from the fumbles and mishaps of life can be an easy and stylish fix.  Let’s start with style.  Phone cases have also evolved to match the lifestyle of the carrier to not only provide protection, but to protect that oh-so-dependent device we carry with us everywhere.

Similar to other accessories you may carry or wear, designer smartphone cases have also hit the market.  Designers like Kate Spade, Ted Baker, House of Harlow 1960, Tumi, Rhinoshield and more have emerged on the market with creative and protective cases.  From wristlets that offer the style with minimum protection to hard-shells that add color and design with drop protection.

Designer phone cases


For ultimate protection check out Otterbox, Speck, Trident and others for military grade drop protection that still provides a style and slim fit.


Military grade phone cases

Ok, how about if you’re one of those people that dropped your phone getting out of your car and shattered your screen?  Something that makes Nebraska Furniture Mart unique is a service we call Phone Surgeons in our stores.  You can stop by while you’re shopping, drop off your phone for a diagnostic check and have it fixed before you leave.  Over 80% of the problems that we see are shattered screens.  A case is a great first line of defense for those drops, but also a tempered glass screen protector will defend against those potentially shattering impacts.

Let your phone express your style while also being protected. Which case would you pick? Tell us in the comments for a chance to win a designer case of your choice (valued up to $50). One winner will be randomly selected on August 24th. Good luck!C


  1. Thanks for this article. My favorite case happens to be LifeProof. They are but pricey but completely worth it!!

    • Brenda tessiet

      I wanna win

  2. Summer D.

    I love Kate Spade ❤️❤️

  3. Kayla S.

    Kate Spade cases are the best! They protect your phone and are super cute 🙂

  4. Laura Snyder

    I’d love a designer case with a fun pattern but I’m a wreck with my phone and I definitely need an OtterBox or something along those lines. They’re amazingly functional, just not so pretty to look at.

  5. Brenda Coty

    The one I win will have to have blue on it My favorite color!!

  6. Brenda Coty

    Blue please

  7. Kari

    I would pick a Kate Spade case.

  8. Jessica Herring

    Awesome! Super cute designs!

    • Jessica Herring

      I like the blue otter box one the best..

  9. Sam Sasek

    I like the Kate Spade case!! Love the colors! I usually try to pick a colorful but tough phone case!

  10. Christopher Easter

    I need a blue lifeproof case for an iphone 6 plus.

  11. Christi E

    I would pick a LifeProof FRE Case for iPhone 6 Plus in Sunset Pink!

  12. Deana Kneen

    I love Kate Spade!

  13. Debbie O'Malley

    I would love a Kate Spade case.

  14. victor vega

    would love to try

  15. gabby vega

    would look awesome in my hand

  16. Dawn Bergeron

    I would pick a otterbox.

  17. gabby vega

    LifeProof FRE Case for iPhone 6s Sunset Pink

  18. Victor Vega

    Trident iPhone 4/4S Aegis Series Case in Pink

  19. Sarah Matson


  20. Melinda P

    Honest just couldn’t afford a good one I have a 1.00 one from Target 🙁

  21. I like designer cases that are cute. But with my phone I need a otter box for a LG Stylo2 LTE

  22. Cindy Croom

    Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 5/5s Glacier

    SKU: 39028683 Model: Otterbox 710840 UPC: 660543026877

  23. When you are clumsy and have kids you have to go with Otterbox! LOL

  24. I love these !!! would love to win one 🙂 thank you for the chance

  25. Amber Hensley

    I would love the *Kate Spade* phone case!!

  26. Hean Ben

    I have an iPhone 6 and thank you for the chance.

  27. Bonnie Baker

    I would definitely get a Kate Spade case. 🙂

    • Congratulations Bonnie, you’ve been selected as the winner of a new designer phone case! You will be receiving an email shortly with a prize document to sign and return. Please let us know if you don’t receive it. Thanks you for participating.

  28. Elizabeth Garcia

    Lifeproof has always been my favorite! Not to bulky and great protection!!!

  29. Rosemary Perry

    I like the Lifeproof Fre price is reasonable, the design is great

  30. Teresa Hernandez

    Kate spade all the way ❤️

  31. Caryl B.

    I love love love Kate Spade! gorgeous designs! On this site I would pick the Kate Sande New York wrap case for a Samsung Galaxy S7 in pink. I’m in love with it!

  32. Christen Gowens

    Hard to say. DEFINITELY a Kate Spade!

  33. Drop proof but cute 🙂

  34. I love these I need on for my galaxy note 4

  35. Cathy

    If I could choose i would have to get ANY pink case

  36. Kim Bakos

    My daughter’s LifeProof case broke – I’d love to replace it for her.

  37. Cheryll Shubert

    My Kate Spade case just broke a few weeks ago and I totally cried! Lol! I love her cases…they are so pretty and there are so many different designs! So love her!!!

  38. Amy whaley

    I love the Kate Spade!

  39. Zetta Eastman

    You have some beautiful phone cases. Thanks so much for the opportunity.


    I want the rings

  41. joy bennett

    Kate spade

  42. Eli

    I love Kate Spade but kinda want something that looks stylish but ultimately protects my phone.

  43. Samantha Gittins

    Great article! Excellent cases! Good luck everyone!

  44. Sarah Thompson

    Absolutely the multi Kate Spade case. Super cute!

  45. Roshaunda Major

    I would love an Otterbox for my s7

  46. Rachel Wells

    Otter Box is the only way to go for me!! Anything teal

  47. Rachel Kutas

    The Kate Spade cases are awesome! I would love any new case with purple in it though!

  48. Diana Thompson

    Kate Spade is my favorite.

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