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Nebraska Furniture Mart | September 25, 2018

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Treat Yourself with 5 Things You Didn't Expect to Find at NFM

Treat Yourself with 5 Things You Didn’t Expect to Find at NFM

The older I get, the more I feel like a kid in a candy store walking through our showroom (cheesy grin included).  Working at the Mart takes that to a whole new level. It allows me to really get a taste for just how vast our inventory is.  Whether it’s something I need or simply can’t live without, I’m always excited to see it on our shelves.

More times than not, when I share something I purchase with friends and family, they’re pleasantly surprised that NFM carried it.  Sure, we’re called Nebraska Furniture Mart, but you didn’t think we just had sofas and recliners in those massive warehouses, did you?

In an effort to educate the masses on our insane inventory, I walked the floors and made a list of items you might be surprised we sell.  I found so many products, though, that herein lies the first installment of a little series we’re calling Nebraska Everything Mart.

Today we’re talking about little life enhancers to take care of Y-O-U.  Amidst the daily grind of taking care of everyone and everything around you, it’s important to include some self-love.  Embracing technology in your morning routine makes tedious tasks an enjoyable experience.  I’ve personally purchased most of these items, and use them all the time.

Brushing Your Teeth?

We carry electric toothbrushes and replacement heads! Shine those pearly whites with some help from Sonicare, Norelco and more.


Washing Your Face?

Why spend hundreds of dollars on high-end options, when the ConAir Sonic Skincare Solution makes your skin feel amazing?  You’ve probably seen similar models in the latest skincare commercials.  They always intrigued me, but when I saw this affordable option in store, I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  In a hashtag? #NoRegrets



We have you covered there, too.  We’ll help you up your shaving game with the likes of this Panasonic Shaver.  Its five attachments will put that old disposable razor to shame.



Applying Your Makeup?

Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with YouTube makeup tutorials. Just me? My go-to makeup gurus always have a beautiful vanity setup with their brushes, their palettes and one amazing lighted mirror. I bought this exact mirror a few years back and use it every single day for putting my face on and getting ready.

Mirrors at


Styling Your Hair?

That’s right. Your new hair dryer, straightener and curler are all from a “furniture store.”  After talking to my coworkers, we discovered we have all purchased heat styling tools from the Mart.  One woman loves her ConAir Ion Shine Instant Heat Hairsetter, and another raved about our line of Hot Tools products.  I personally stand by my Conair Infiniti Clipless Curling Iron for all occasions.

Shop personal care products on


We may be America’s largest home furnishings store, but over the years our horizons have expanded to include so much more. Keep checking back to our blog for even more insight on our lineup, or roam our website and store in the meantime. You may be surprised by what you find.

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