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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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Fresh Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements

Fresh Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements
Laurie Jordan

Bring a touch of nature inside your home with our newest Inspiration Showcase, Second Nature. This refreshing vignette joins the vibrant lime green and lemon yellow colors with an elegant gray 4-piece sectional.

Our Texas-based Visual Merchandiser, Hilary Woltemath, conceived this lively living room design. Her creation is realistic and could easily duplicated in just about any living space. We asked Hilary what two items in the room were her favorites. She explained that the framed buffalo check fabric panels with sage green wreaths were her top pick. I’d have to agree with her! I know when I saw the room for the first time, my eyes went right to the framed panels. In my opinion, they are the focal point of the room. She was also very fond of the dark wood entryway bench with coat rack. She liked it for its practicality and transitional style.

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The world of fashion and interior design tend to mimic one another. Typically, a hot trend in the fashion world can also be found in home décor. Currently, gray is considered the new neutral or, as some like to say, gray is the new black. With that being said, we can apply the same rules to gray that apply with the color black; almost every color coordinates perfectly with black, the same notion applies with gray.

The walls are coated in a vivid lime green color that allows the soft gray sectional to stand out. If you can’t imagine all four walls of a room painted in such with bold color, maybe choose to paint only one wall in a vibrant color. Once again, fashion home décor shares a similar trend. The current fashion trend of having one fingernail painted in a totally different shade than the others is called an accent nail. Having one wall painted in different color is called the accent wall.

The touches of yellow flowers and lemons are so pretty. Lemons do not need to be only stored in the kitchen. Place them in a wood bowl or basket, they will make a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table. Another beautiful use I’ve seen is placing the whole lemons at the bottom of a glass vase then adding your floral arrangement.

The Second Nature trend is a refreshing design full of natural elements that can be duplicated in just about any living space.

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