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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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Be Bold: How to Create an Industrial Style Dining Room

Be Bold: How to Create an Industrial Style Dining Room

What’s that phrase… If something goes out of style, keep it, because vintage is always in? Well, however you put it, nothing speaks more style than the pieces we can help pick for your home – especially in entertaining spaces such as the dining room. The industrial look, which combines metal-work and rough wood design, is on the rise in the furniture world. And who wouldn’t want to craft their dining space with these airy and industrial pieces?

Bring your family together with the bold angles and sultry tones of the new Magnolia Home Industrial Framework & Piece Dining Set.

Magnolia Home Industrial Dining Set

I love the combination of rigid lines with the subtle curve of the wood on the chairs to make this piece perfect for the next get-together with friends and family. And we’ve got everything you need to complete the look from light fixtures to wine racks, and anything you can think of to set up for your next gathering!

Consider pieces like this striking Murray Feiss Sunset Drive 3 Light Chandelier, to light up the feast. I personally couldn’t live without it’s intersecting lines and curved light shades to match the Magnolia Home dining room table and chairs.

Industrial Lighting

And no party can be prepared properly without storage for beverages. I would suggest this Braxton Studio Wine Shelving Unit. It’s got enough storage for at least 20 bottles of wine – maybe a few more on that spacious top shelf. Meaning you will always have enough on hand for a little… or a lot!

If you have more to store than bottles and glass, consider this companion Magnolia Home Industrial 6-Drawer Server piece. Dishes, and bakeware, and small appliances all fit comfortably in this beautiful, richly stained chest. I don’t know about you, but I gotta have a place to stash all of my party stuff otherwise this girl gets a little clutter crazy. These pieces are built to stand the test of time so you will be able to enjoy these with your family for many years to come.

Oh! I almost forgot, clean lines are fine and all that, but don’t forget to check out all the vintage and metal work décor to accompany your new dinning set. You’ll have all the options you need to build your personal style in no time at all!

Industrial Accessories


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