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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Summer Road Trip? Pack This Gear to Save Your Sanity

Summer Road Trip? Pack This Gear to Save Your Sanity
Julio Aguirre

Summer ’16 is here! Are you ready for it? Do you have any wonderful road trips scheduled for you and your family? Are you going to Disney World? Or somewhere local like Adventureland?

I just drove 9 hours to Milwaukee with my better half and our 18-month old daughter. Besides my daughter screaming in my ear to get out of the car seat, Milwaukee was an amazing city filled with wonderful people, fantastic weather, great food and even better baseball! The Dodgers won two games out of three! That’s all I can ask for. GO BLUE! With a screaming child, a long drive from Omaha to Milwaukee and no scenery (sorry Iowa), I’m lucky that I packed this gear in my travel bag.

Cellphone Car Charger           

When was the last time you went anywhere and didn’t worry about how long your cellphone battery will last? Phone chargers are a necessity! But with phones having different charging ports, a USB car charger is what you need. The Ventev Dashboard 210 is a dual USB port car charger.  With a universal car charger like this one, all you’ll need is your phone Micro USB cable or Lightning cable (for those iPhone users). Do you consider yourself a Aux Cord Car DJ? When you hop into your friend’s car do you ask them for the Aux cable? If so, you’ll also need an auxiliary cable and let that fire flames playlist you made for this trip melt away the car speakers. I respect you Aux Cord Car DJ. I am one myself.


Phone Chargers at NFM

A Great Cell Phone

With a nice playlist, chargers and an aux cable, you’ll need your cellphone for four reasons.

GPS Because you don’t need to spend money on something that your phone already helps you with. Google Maps helped me get to Milwaukee avoiding any and all tolls. Also, with roads changing daily, Google maps updates as often as roads do. From constructions, traffic, and accidents, GPS is your friend.

Music Because how many of us listen to the radio? I know I don’t. Especially when you’re in the middle of Iowa; reception is not great. So, load up your favorite music player app and jam out to that Adele album and reminisce about how your life got here.

Camera If you went on a trip and didn’t take pictures, did it ever happen? Cell phone cameras have almost the same quality or better as some point and shoot cameras, so why spend more money on that when you can use your cellphone to take those pictures. I am just trying to keep your life simple.

Movies With Hulu, Netflix, and HBO all at the palm of your hands, there will be a movie that will help distract your child from realizing they are still in their car seat.

If you want help on choosing a new phone, read my post on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! (SHAMELSS PLUG)

click to shop cell phones


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you aren’t driving, Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones are a must. Bluetooth headphones are key, because they’re wireless. Less is better. Trust me.  A friend once told me that he loves noise-canceling headphones, not because he wants to listen to any music, but more because he doesn’t want to hear anything. Sometimes the absence of all sound is the most beautiful music you could imagine.

Headphones on

A Good Pillow

Personally, I don’t exactly believe in neck pillows. I usually take a regular bed pillow, cuddle it up and pass out. Same thing with my better half, she passes out ten minutes into any road trip. Although, we did purchase a neck pillow for my daughter, because I didn’t want her neck to be sore from sleeping in her front facing car seat.

With these products in your traveling bag, you can go anywhere. A solid music playlist can help you through anything. The headphones will block out anyone that is annoying you, and the pillow will make you feel like you never left your bed.

More importantly, drive safe and make summer ’16 one to remember!

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