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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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How Zepp Can Help You Coach Your Kid

How Zepp Can Help You Coach Your Kid

There’s an industry dedicated to individual coaching for kids and a lot of times the prices seem absolutely insane. I want my kids to do well at baseball and I know that I can’t teach them all of the small nuances of the game. But, I have a limit. Sorry, but I’m not spending a couple grand on hiring a swing coach to help junior learn how to hit to the opposite field.

So, I set out to find the best way that I could teach my kids at home.  Back in the day, this would consist of watching those Baseball World with Coach Tom Emanksi VHS tapes (endorsed by Fred McGriff!) and checking out all of the instructional books from the library and somehow committing them to memory. Seems like a breeze, right?

Now, there’s a DIY solution. The Zepp baseball swing analyzer can help you coach your kid’s swing without the headache. You can do everything from track their bat speed, hand speed, and fine tune their swing angle with instant feedback from the Zepp app on your smartphone. It will help you figure out what they’re doing well and where they need improvement.

If you’re already coaching a youth team and you’d like some more help from the bench, you can track your entire team and give everyone access to review their swings!

Zepp Baseball Swing


No two swings are the same. What works for you might not work for your little slugger. With Zepp, you can help your all-star-in-training develop that power stroke and remove all of the guesswork. Set goals in the app using Ball Tracking and check on their swing history to see how much progress they’ve made over the years.

Oh, and guess what? They have a golf swing analyzer too. It works the same way and helps you improve your golf game faster than ever. Turn your trips to the driving range into full-on training sessions that you can review and check progress to see how you’re improving from visit to visit.

Zepp golf swing analyzer

Whether it’s baseball or golf, small precise changes in your swing can pay huge dividends. It sure beats driving across town and spending hundreds of dollars on a swing coach. Save time and money and get that sweet swing this summer with the Zepp swing analyzer.

So whether you’re coaching your kid or heading out to the driving range during your lunch break, Zepp helps you keep track of your progress so you know what you’re doing every time.

Order yours today and get your game on track!

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