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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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Celebrate Wedding Season with the Mr. & Mrs. Trend

Celebrate Wedding Season with the Mr. & Mrs. Trend

Welcome to June, aka the most popular month to say, “I do!” Whether you’re planning a wedding, serving in a bridal party, or just plain attending some nuptials, I can almost guarantee some type of marriage festivity will take place in your life this month…even more so if you fall within the 25-30 age bracket. What a perfect time for our team to create a space completely dedicated to this occasion! It’s our Mr. & Mrs. trend!


Wall Prints and Wall Art


When you’re planning a wedding, one of the most emotional moments is when you get your girl squad together and head down to the local boutique, trying on dress after dress in the hope you’ll get that moment where you can excitedly squeal “yes” to the dress. Our designer, Ashley Contreras, knew she wanted to bring that boutique-type feel to NFM, so her inspiration came from weddings and dresses. It all started with a few Mr. and Mrs. themed accessories and the trend took off from there!
With a lot of the signs and hanging pieces being black, the color scheme was very important in order to make the pieces really pop. White and gold accents are the perfect contrast for those darker accessories and what better way to tie in that “something blue” than with the Seabrook blue walls. The simplest way to display the merchandise is with white shelving and bookcases. It’s an added bonus that these furniture pieces look amazing against the wall color.


Leather ottoman and setee


Pulling the whole look together is the sitting area, designed to replicate the moment loved ones watch the bride-to-be try on endless amounts of tulle, taffeta, and chiffon for her big day. With the pillow top settees, Rachlin Classics black ottoman, Malika wall mirror  and tissue paper wedding dress (that Ashley made herself!), it’s hard not to feel as though you’re actually walking through the famous Kleinfeld’s instead of America’s largest home furnishing store!

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