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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Top 5 Things You Need in Your Summer Fun Kit

Top 5 Things You Need in Your Summer Fun Kit

It’s me again, after being in the gym getting my beach bod ready and watching all the Running Man challenge videos that I can. I got to thinking, what do we need to conquer the summer?

I came up with five essential items that you need for a nice day at the pool, beach, lake, or even near the water hose. You’ve never heard of the water hose? Back when I was a little trouble maker, during the hottest days in the Summer my dad would turn on the water hose, point it to the air and made us run underneath the water. It was like we had a Fun-Plex in our back yard! That’s a true story. Here are the top five things you need to enjoy the family outing this summer.

A Portable Grill for Quick Cookouts

One thing I love about summer is being outside with family and friends grilling burgers, steaks and my favorite hot dogs wrapped in bacon. Never had them? Try them, you will thank me later. We all know in order for you to be the king of the fire we need a grill, but not just any grill, get yourself a portable grill. They’re convenient, light weight, and easy to set up.

Weber Portable Grill


A Cooler to Keep Those Drinks Ice Cold

Cold beverages are an essential part of any outdoor party or get together. Whether you store soda, juice, or adult drinks, you’ll need a decent cooler to keep them all cold! Protip: be sure to check out some coolers that have wheels! That’s the easiest way to transport the beverages that’ll keep you cool through the hot summer days.



A Great Portable Seat

Because you don’t want to sit on the hot sand, concrete, or even mud. Grab yourself a portable seat! They are lightweight and portable with a steel frame construction. To make decisions easier, we have colors that will match any type of style you are looking for! Personally I’m a fan of the loud Neon green color!



A SmartPhone That Can Do It All

When was the last time you went anywhere without your phone? Don’t answer that… if you want to document any amazing outing with your family or friends make sure you have your smartphone ready! You can’t miss that Kodak moment. If you want a phone that can handle the elements, grab the new Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s waterproof and it has an amazing camera that can shoot those unforgettable moments.

Samsung Galaxy S7


Some Boomin’ Music

What’s a party without any music!? Don’t have a Bluetooth speaker? Want to listen to that new Drake?!  I have you covered, one word: Fugoo. Fuggo makes portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Perfect for any occasion, but specifically made to avoid a party foul! With a 40-hour battery life it will outlast any party and after-party! Are you ever having a conversation with someone and you can’t remember the name of that actor in that one movie? Well, with Fugoo, you have a personal assistant right at the tip of your tongue. Fugoo comes integrated with IOS’ Siri and Android’s Google Now, you can ask Fugoo any question and it will be answered!

There you have it, my top 5 things to dominate the summer. You will be the life of the party, you’ll have all the answers and will be the coolest kid on the block. One thing I forgot, your Stunna Shades. Your sun glasses will block you from all the haters.

Bluetooth Speakers


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