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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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How Does AddWash Help You Do More Laundry in Less Time?

Samsung AddWash Washer

Have you ever loaded up your washer at the end of a busy day only to find a sock or two on the hallway floor?  Have you tossed your child’s baseball uniform into the washer only to notice 10 minutes later you forgot their baseball pants?  This has happened to the best of us but thanks to Samsung’s latest innovation, AddWash™, those days are behind us!

Samsung’s AddWash™ door eliminates the need to do an extra load of laundry just because you forgot an item.  Now you can conveniently add in forgotten laundry after the cycle has begun, without starting it all over again.

You can now do more laundry in less time with the largest 27” front load washer in the industry*.  Larger capacity size means fewer loads, and fewer loads means less time doing laundry and more time doing other things you love.  With a large washer capacity of 5.0 cu. ft., you can quickly wash more laundry in a single load, saving you time and effort.


Samsung AddWash Washer


Samsung’s breakthrough Super Speed technology provides a faster and more thorough wash cycle.  Simply select the Super Speed cycle and get up to a 50% faster wash cycle** – without sacrificing cleaning quality.  With Super Speed, you can quickly wash a full load in as little as 30 minutes!

PowerFoam™ optimizes your HE detergent performance to penetrate and cleanse fabric more deeply.  Samsung’s unique PowerFoam™ technology uses an innovative mixture of water, air and detergent to penetrate deep in to the heart of the fabric.  Confidently deep clean even your bulkiest items with power of foam.

Samsung’s Steam Wash uses the power of steam to eliminate stains without pre-treatment.  Unlike other washers which release steam from above, Samsung releases steam from the bottom of the laundry tub, saturating every item in the load and leading to an even deeper clean.

Get peace of mind with Samsung’s VRT Plus™ Technology. Washers with VRT™ Plus Technology are quieter than any other washers in its class and are now 40% quieter than regular VRT™.  An innovative tub design and special sensors keep heavy loads balanced event at high spin speeds.

For the ultimate in convenience, Self Clean + technology keeps your washer drum fresh by removing dirt and bacteria – without the use of harsh chemicals – through a combination of soaking, pulsating and high speed spinning.  Self Clean + also sends reminders to clean the drum every forty wash cycles.

To learn more about the new lineup of Samsung front load washers and other innovative Samsung Home Appliances, be sure to visit Nebraska Furniture Mart!

*Based on USDOE/EPA listing

**Normal one hour wash can now be completed in as little as 30 minutes as compared to WF511 washer without Super Speed.  Based on DOE standards average of 7.5 loads per week.

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