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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 12, 2018

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Tropical Furniture with a Twist: Our Tequila Sunrise Trend

Tequila Sunrise Trend
Liz Gray

Imagine laying of the beach, the light breeze hitting your skin as you listen to the crashing ocean waves.  One thing to remember when you’re on the beach is to always keep hydrated with water.  At least I’ve always heard that but I prefer to keep hydrated with tequila! A tequila sunrise, that is!  Not only is it a tasty drink but it’s also a vibrant, and colorful one. No, I am not saying that Nebraska Furniture Mart has a bar (yet), however you can find the perfect tequila sunrise inspired patio!

walker edison 6 piece dark brown patio furniture set

The real fun begins once you have chosen the perfect outdoor dining set.  I personally enjoy the rustic look of the Walker Edison 6-Piece Dark Brown Acacia Patio Dining Set.

Accessories are next!  Colors to look for are blue, green, yellow, red, and orange.  You can incorporate all of these colors with outdoor accent pillows such as The Howard Elliot Sunbrella Pillows in Green, Seascape Canyon, and Turquoise.

3 Howard Elliot Sunbrella Pillows


Go nuts with fruit!  Add some sweet décor with pineapples, lemons, limes, watermelons, whatever your taste buds desire, however I would not recommend eating the décor.  Some fun pieces include this fruit bar and colorful watermelon rug.
Fruit Image


You can keep the fresh outdoor feel alive with some plants including; cactus, agave, aloe, and succulents.  Use pots and planters to display them throughout your patio and backyard.

click to see planters on

The Cubo Cement Planter in Concrete, Three Birds Casual Teak Planter, and Milano Hanging Basket in Terra Cotta can bring some extra life to your patio.


Once you have completed your patio haven, I recommend making yourself a tequila sunrise and enjoying the drink that inspired your space!

Click to shop the tequila sunrise trend


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