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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Traeger Grills: Your Ticket to Barbecue Paradise

Traeger Grills: Your Ticket to Barbecue Paradise

It’s tough to smoke food on a grill and it’s even harder to grill on a smoker. In olden times, (a few years ago) we had to use two separate apparatuses to for each of these delicious duties. Now, thankfully, we live in an era with grill technology that truly offers the best of both worlds without any compromises. Enter the Traeger grill!

Traditionally, firing up a smoker involves lots of charcoal, lots of hardwood, and lots of time to get things going and make sure they stay just right. If you want your food to have that savory, smoky flavor without worrying about controlling temperature variances or messing with vents, you should check out a Traeger grill. It’s simple to operate. Seriously. Just follow this really easy checklist.


traeger hardwood pellets poured into hopper

  1. Pour some wood pellets into the hopper.
  2. Set your desired temp using the Digital Pro Controller.
  3. Wait for delicious results.

The auger will feed in the hardwood pellets so that you’re getting a smoky flavor without any temperature spikes. This also provides a great way for the smoke to circulate throughout the chamber evenly. You can expect consistent results every time you fire it up. Traeger grills run the gamut of sizes from large to small and they’re simple to clean and maintain as well. Their wide body design keeps them stable and the side bar lift access makes it easy to check on your meat and make adjustments.

Traeger digital pro temp controller


The versatility is a huge plus too. Whether you want your to grill at a high heat and get a smoky sear on your steaks or take it low and slow to smoke up a rack of ribs, a Traeger can do it! Soon, you’ll be a backyard barbecue pit master. Your friends will wonder how much work you had to put in with a smoker to deliver such a delicious dinner, but you know the secret. Smoke and grill your food smarter, not harder, with a Traeger!

Traeger Grill on a porch

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