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Nebraska Furniture Mart | July 22, 2018

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Learn More About Home Automation with Linked Home at NFM

Linked at NFM

We’re introducing a new area in our stores that specializes in the newest home automation products. It’s called Linked Home and now you’ll be able to compare the most popular home automation products all in one place. This makes it easy to decide what setup you prefer and how you want your smart home to run. Just like we’ve helped you pick out the best furniture and appliances for your home, we can help you figure out which products work best together when it’s time to build your smart home. Here’s a quick look at some of the exciting categories you’ll find in Linked Home.

Home Automation Door Locks

You can keep tabs on almost everything in your home with the newest home automation devices and apps!

Smart Lighting

Save money on your utilities and set up lighting schedules so you come home to a bright house. You can also set these smart lights if you have to leave town. Most of these LED lights also have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. You can even sync select lighting systems up with your music!


Home Automation Gadgets & Climate Control

With devices like the WeMo Insight Switch, you can do everything from turn on your coffee maker to monitor appliances throughout your home. You’ll be able to equip all types of electronics and appliances with a smart outlet and control everything from on the go! The newest learning thermostats like Nest can help you save big on your month energy bills. You can set up a schedule that ensures you’re not wasting resources when you’re not at home.


Home Safety & Security Systems

Now, you can see who’s at your door while you’re away from home. Monitor everything with weather-resistant cameras that will even allow you to communicate to people directly from your phone! There are also smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors along with window alarms and motion sensing devices that will alert your phone while you’re gone. With smart door locks, you don’t worry about losing your keys again since you can control your locks from your smartphone!

With devices like the Nest Cam, you can check in on your home from your phone. Where would you put a Nest Cam in your home? Tell us in the comments by June 14 for a chance to win! One winner will be selected on June 15.


Nest Cam Giveaway


Check out the new Linked Home area at NFM and see even more! Ask some questions, compare the products, and discover how easy it is to be in touch with your home!



  1. Jordon

    In my entryway to stop my package thieves

  2. Ryan D Buschemeyer

    Nest Cam would go in the living room where the computer and router are,
    It would be pointed at the front door.

  3. JoAnna Campbell

    I would love to have it in our garage, so #1 I could be sure our doors are shut and #2 all my hubby’s tools are safe!

  4. I would put the Nest Cam in my Living room!

  5. Monica McCarthy

    I would put it in my living room so I can see what my puppies do when I’m not home

  6. Susan Campbell

    I would put the Nest Cam in my kitchen window box so I can see who or what is outside my front door!

  7. Darlene McMartin

    Perfect security when I am at work.

  8. Christopher Easter

    It would be in the corner of the covered porch facing my front door to keep an eye on anyone who comes to the door.

  9. Symber Adlard

    My nest cam would definitely be positioned in every place that my cat likes to go so I can figure out how and when he steals my pony tail holders, Bobby pins, and breaks into the loaf of bread.

  10. Christi E

    I would put the Nest Cam in the entry way of my home so that I could keep an eye on any packages being delivered to my home, or any visitors arriving.

  11. Emilie Worsham

    The nest cam would be my new baby monitor! He’s due in October 🙂

  12. KimG

    I would put it outside to see our driveway and garage. Peace of mind to see what is going on when I am home or away.

  13. Anthony DeCicco

    In my living room to watch over my bicycles.

  14. Mayuree

    I would put one in each of my kids rooms so that I could check on them at night on my phone.

  15. Sarah V

    In my baby’s room

  16. Barbara Kirshner

    I would put the Nest Cam on our garage that faces our driveway, our driveway is 800 ft. Long and would love to know who it is before they arrive. Thank you for this Amazing Giveaway.

  17. Lori Sysel

    In the front window to see the driveway and front door.

  18. Stephanie Holwerda

    I would put the camera in my living room to keep an eye on everything (including cat) while we are gone.

  19. Amy R

    I would put it in the corner of my living room that would make both the front and side door viewable and let me check in on my son before/after school to make sure he’s behaving for the sitter!

  20. Cristy Ridey

    I would point the Nest camera at my front door

  21. Andy K.

    On my entertainment center, to watch the dogs.

  22. Melanie

    In my baby’s room!

  23. Barb B

    Would love to win this t monitor my front door

  24. Patricia C

    I would put the Nest Cam in the living room that has full view to the front door and part of the kitchen

  25. sarah

    I would put in my living room

  26. jeremy

    I would put in my kitchen.

  27. Mary Leahy

    Would use it to keep an eye on my elderly parents

  28. David B.

    My wife and I are expecting our first baby in October. I would put the nest cam in the baby’s room so I would always be able to make sure everything is okay even when I’m not at home.

  29. Chad Miles

    In the corner of the living room to cover the living room, kitchen and dining room

  30. Troy Jimenez

    First time home owner, this would definitely come in handy.

  31. jude

    Front entryway to see the front of the house.

  32. Kevin K

    I think every home at least needs have one of this Nest camera. People go to work, shop, travel; nobody know what happen if nobody at home. If you have a Nest Camera, you can monitoring your home.

  33. Amberly W

    My baby is due tomorrow, so I could use one ASAP in her nursery!

  34. I would love this on our front porch to monitor packages.

  35. Lora Palmer

    Oh I really need this.

  36. Sarah Gropp

    On the shelf in my living room, looking towards the front door. That way if anyone comes in, I will see them no matter which room the go to.

  37. Jacki Nun

    Definitely in the front entryway!! I’m in school and work full time so I’m gone a lot and this would be so helpful!

  38. I would place the Nest Cam in my living room facing the french doors.

  39. Spencer

    Front entry would be a good start

  40. I would like it my front room. Keep my house safe.

  41. Jen

    I have been researching these! I would put it on my fireplace mantle so I can watch the parties that my cat and dog throw when I’m not home.

  42. Billy Walters

    What a cool idea

  43. CODY


  44. Chris Link

    Hope I win!

  45. Barb H

    Probably living room so I could see front door, deck door and door to garage

  46. Devin Johns

    Probably on the piano since it overlooks the living room

  47. Amy

    I would put mine in our living room to see what my dog has been up to. Also would love to have it when we move to another state to keep on eye on our new house.

  48. Amy Smith

    I would put the Nest cam in my front room to watch the front door

  49. Katie

    Front entry to home

  50. Michael Tran

    I would put in my kitchen

  51. Brady Wallace

    I’ve had a few packages stolen from my door in the past so I would use this to hopefully catch whoever took them.

  52. Elizabeth

    I would put the Nest Cam in my entry way. Not only would it be a good for security but I can see my dog run and hide when someone comes to the door.

    • Hello Elizabeth,

      You’ve been selected as our Nest Cam winner! You’ll be receiving an email shortly from us (please check your spam folder just in case), if you don’t receive the email please respond to this message & we will get back to you. Thank you!

  53. Kathleen Kuykendall

    I would place it in the kitchen to see who is eating all the food!

  54. Tonya Elekes

    This would also work great to check up on my 4 kitties during the day. See what they’re up to! Would make the purrfect gift!

  55. Chris Fraser

    Put it up on the fireplace mantel in my living room.

  56. Kathy Tillman

    In the family room covering the front hallway and back door!

  57. Andrew

    I would use it for security and to watch a new puppy!

  58. Tim Sheridan

    During the spring severe weather seasom, I would point it out the window to monitor approaching storms.

  59. Lacey Burd

    I would definitely have it pointed towards the front door/porch. So I can see who’s at the door and also catch who steals the packages from my porch! Thanks for the chance!

  60. Ron Miller

    Front door, to see who’s coming and going!

  61. Debbie B

    i would put it in my living room

  62. claudia davis

    I would point it towards the back bedroom which has a door to the outside area.

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