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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 10, 2018

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Fun Outdoor Games for Kids and Parents

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids and Adults

The grass is greener, the trees are budding new leaves, and our winter coats are finally put away.  Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get outside and get a little creative with family game night!  Here are some of our favorite outdoor games to take the fun into the sun.

For the artists…

Sidewalk Chalk Mandala Stencil Kit

Go crazy with this sidewalk chalk and stencil set for endless hours of games and drawing right in your driveway.


Get some sidewalk chalk and play a giant version of Pictionary, or get hopping by outlining hopscotch and grabbing a twig or stone to practice your balance in this timeless pastime.


For some friendly competition…

Ladder Ball Game

Ladder Ball is a great game for kids and grownups. Find out who the ringer is and get them on your team!


Another family favorite is Top Toss Ladder Ball. Bring out the teams, and embrace your competitive side with some friendly rounds of ladder ball – trust us, it’s not as simple to nail as you might expect.  Nonetheless, the close calls and sweet successes of landing on the top notch will get everyone into it.


For the athletes…

My 1st Sports Soccer Game

Soccer is a fun way to get some exercise in while teaching your kid the finer points of a beloved sport!


Prep your little ones for soccer or T-ball with My 1st Sports Soccer Set or T-Ball Set.  These affordable sets are perfect for children 3 and up.  They provide the basics for each sport so your future athletes can practice their goals or home run swings. They’ll be ready for the big leagues in no time.


For the high-energy kids…

Pop Fly Game

Aim, throw, and catch…Pop Fly will keep your kids busy.


If you’re looking to tucker out the kids a little more, go for Pop Fly.  After they toss a beanbag on the game’s paddle, out pops a ball for the player to run and catch.  The kids will have fun running around, all while practicing their catching skills.  By the time the sun goes down, they’ll be ready for bed without complaint.

Get ready for summer with Jarts, games for the pool, and more. With so many choices, everyone in the family will enjoy playing ‘til the streetlights come on!

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